Student Learning Goals

Goals of the Department

The CSB/SJU Economics Department has developed the following goals and objectives for student learning in the department:

Students of economics will be able to apply economic theory to understand economic issues and policies by:

  • Analyzing interactions between human values and economic life;
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of and ability to apply appropriate analytical tools; and
  • Recognizing the diversity of methodologies practiced in conducting economic analysis.

Students of economics will be able to evaluate evidence bearing on those economic issues and policies by:

  • Identifying, locating, and assessing the necessary quantitative and non-quantitative information, facts and arguments; and
  • Employing both quantitative reasoning and computing skills where appropriate.

Students of economics will be able to communicate effectively the results of their economic analysis through:

  • Clear writing, appropriately supported and documented;
  • Effective participation in discussion; and
  • For majors, polished oral presentations.

Social Science Goals and Objectives

The Social Sciences apply scientific methods to the study of human beings, social forces, and institutions.  Students learn a way of examining the world, practice careful analytic thinking, and develop deeper insights into their own experience.

Students will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of basic facts and theories of a social science discipline
  • Acquire knowledge that enables them to make responsible social, civic, and personal choices
  • Make critical social science arguments supported by evidence appropriate to an introductory level