Isabel McKeown ’18

Current Job/Career:

Project Manager at Callaway Golf Company, specifically focusing on projects in the Soft Goods (apparel, bags & equipment) portion of the company. As a project manager, I work with every department in the organization to facilitate communication, develop critical timelines and processes, and drive completion on a variety of projects.

Degree’s Earned:
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Global Business Leadership (Major)
    • Economics & Spanish (Minors)
What inspired you to become an economics minor?

I was placed in an Honors Econ 101 with Professor Wheatley my freshman year, and from then on, knew I wanted to keep pursing economics. The class was challenging, interesting, and incredibly relevant to the world around me. I also liked working with numbers so considered majoring or minoring in math, but enjoyed how economics was a combination of both mathematical formulas as well as the actual theory and application of said formulas.  I wasn’t sure of what field I wanted to pursue after college, so decided to add economics as a minor to allow myself to keep taking the interesting and challenging courses.

How do you use the economics minor in your current career?

In my current career, I use economic theories and terms incredibly frequently. For example, I think the basic theory of supply and demand is critical for all business professionals to understand since all products or services are driven by this theory. Callaway is still facing the supply constraints created by COVID-19, so I am always clearly seeing and reacting to the effects of supply and demand on the projects I’m leading. Additionally, many projects I lead involve financial reporting, which require me to have a level of financial acumen that I have thanks to my economics minor. I could go on and on about other economic terms or topics I use frequently (inflation, labor markets, exchange rates etc.).

What advice do you have for students considering a major/minor in economics?

An economics major or minor opens a lot of possibilities for you – sky is really the limit if you choose this as your area of study. I didn’t believe that yet while at CSB, so chose to only study economics as a minor, but can now say I have used it more frequently than any other class since graduating (in both my past roles of Sourcing/Supply Chain at 3M and my current role). I recommend researching econ alumni to see what careers they now hold (don’t be afraid to reach out to them too!) to see how many options are out there for you. As an easy example for you – my grandpa, my father, my brother, and I all studied economics at CSB/SJU… and we all pursued vastly different career paths.

Isabel McKeown

Isabel McKeown ’18

Project Manager at Callaway Golf Company

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Parker Wheatley
Chair, Economics Department

Ashley Koshiol
Department Coordinator