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Find more information about an economics degree on the Curriculum page.

Economics majors acquire four important skills that combine to make them excellent thinkers and pave the way for success in their future lives and careers. Specifically, students gain (1) analytical knowledge and experience, (2) excellent quantitative and computational skills, (3) strong writing skills, and (4) solid experience in public presentation. Our graduates have the capacity to think through complex problems in policy, finance, and business and arrive at meaningful analysis and solutions. Our graduates gain significant experiences in the examination of problems using mathematical and statistical tools as well as strong skills in spreadsheet and statistical analysis software. Finally, students in the major complete a capstone project where they ask meaningful questions with economic data and hone their writing skills and presentation skills.

Yes, our program is flexible enough to allow you to double major or pick up a minor.

We have laid out the necessary steps to complete the senior research project here: Economics 384 – Research Project in Economics.

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Parker Wheatley
Chair, Economics Department

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Department Coordinator