Topics of Previous EC 384 Projects

The possibilities for EC 384 projects are wide-ranging and will depend on a student's coursework and interests. Below are examples of projects completed by former EC 384 students:


  • A-Agriculture
  • EI-Economic Impact
  • ET-Economic Theory
  • EN-Environment
  • FE-Foreign Economics
  • GC-Gender Cultural Studies
  • HC-Health Care
  • I-Immigration
  • T-Taxes
  • W-Welfare













Currency Devaluation in Thailand *
Do Scenic Attractions Foster Economic Growth in Rural MN Counties? * *
The Current Asian Financial Crisis * * *
The Economic Policies of the Peron Regime in Argentina * * * * * *
Public Law 480: The Economic Implications of Foreign Food Aid * * * * *
Changes in the Gap between Male and Female Unemployment * * *
Driving Factors behind Increasing Health Care Costs, 1973-1991 *
Utility Deregulation and Wind Energy * *
The Study of U.S. Migration 1935-1940 with an Emphasis on Black Migration from North to South * *
Irish Immigration to the US between 1850 and 1880 * * *
The Federal Minimum Wage and Employers' Concerns * *
The Effects of the Commission Deregulation on the Stock Brokerage Industry *
The Five Great Ratios of Macroeconomics *
How the Changing Roles of Kenyan Women and Factors of Productivity Affect Kenyan Agricultural Productivity * * * *
Study of US Forest Services Development Road Project *
Economic Analysis of the Decline of the Twin Cities Public Rail System *
Cigarette Taxes and the American Tobacco Farmer * *
Economic Growth in Ireland in the 1980's and 1990's * *
The Earned Income Tax Credit's Effects on U.S. Poverty and Income Distribution * * * *
The Role that Ethnic and Religious Identities Play in Economic Development of Lower- and Middle-Income Countries * *
Economic Growth Patterns in the Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal * *
The Minimal Effects of the Minimum Wage and Poverty * *
Effects of NAFTA on US/Mexican Trade and Apparel Manufacturing * *
The Plastic Explosion: An Analysis of the Bank Credit Card Boom of the 1980s *
Monetary Policy and the Contraction of 1920-1921 *
Nuclear Power: Is there too much regulation? *
The Economic Status of Working Women through the 1980s * *
The Economic Burden of Supporting the Elderly *
Wetland Conservative Policies: A comparative analysis of cost effectiveness *
Factors Involved in the Initial Growth of Anoka, MN * *
Analysis of the 1997 First Bank/US Bankcorp merger *