Comments from Economics Alumnae/i

The CSB/SJU economics department surveyed its alumnae/i to determine how well their economics degree has prepared them for the world of work. When asking specifically about ECON 384, we discovered that our students not only appreciated the opportunity to use their knowledge to explore an economic issue in-depth, but that they also found the experience to mirror career demands. Below are a few responses from the survey:

  • "384 was the best experience I had in college. Though my skills weren't completely conditioned when I began, the project forced me to better those skills. Picking a cross [disciplinary] topic urged me to interact with other departments. The project also instilled a great sense of motivation, time management, and individual research skills. Overall, 384 was the most difficult, frustrating, and rewarding experience I had."
  • "384 is the best class offered. On a basic level it has helped me out with my public speaking skills, planning and research. It taught me how to approach a topic and reason with it in a complicated manner."
  • "384 allowed me to understand how to do independent in-depth research and hold myself accountable for self-imposed deadlines. The [384] presentation and Q-and-A portion really relates to many situations in the professional community."
  • "384 put my entire education and all the tools, tricks, and knowledge I'd acquired to that point to the test. I think that says it all. It's analogous to practicing all year for the big game. I thought it was a worthwhile experience."
  • "[ECON 384's research project's] synthesis of information has helped me put information that I have learned since graduation together more effectively."
  • "One of the best aspects of the individual [ECON 384] project is that it forces students to think for themselves as opposed to merely contributing to a group project or memorizing a paragraph of text."
  • "Interviewers were impressed when they asked about my [ECON 384] project."