Information on Graduates

Hear from young alums of our program:

Since grad school, I've been working in natural gas trading and risk management. The work is exciting and majoring in Economics definitely opened doors.

Andrew Lick '11

I chose economics mostly because I think it necessarily tries to define how the world works. It is part psychology, part business, part sociology, and it's needed everywhere.

Tom Hoffman '11

I use my major everyday both in my professional and personal life. I work for Accenture as a Management Consultant in their Health and Public Service Practice.

Hallie Johnson '10

As a financial advisor, I use economic concepts and theories to critically think through the financial planning landscape - and these skills I learned during my economics education at CSB/SJU.

Jake Overman '07

See what some of other our graduates are up to:

Cody Fischer '07
Consultant, Bain & Company
Other Degrees: MBA, Northwestern University

Lauren Worms '12  
Financial Institutions Specialist, FDIC

Ben Casner '11
Other Degrees: Economics Ph.D. student, Ohio State University, M.Sc. in Behavioral Economics, University of Nottingham

Tylor Klein '09 
Manager, KPMG Economic & Valuation Services, Transfer Pricing
Other Degrees: Master of Business Taxation (UMN)

Matt Ohme '07 
AVP, Relationship Manager at Allianz Life Ins.
Other Degrees: MBA (Hamline)

Jessica (Lee) Clark '08 
Healthcare Economics Consultant, United HealthCare
Other Degrees: M.A. (Applied Economics, UND)

Allison (Allie) Plunkett '12 
Other Education: J.D. student at William and Mitchell College of Law

Ted Hooley '10 
Program Associate, Hughes Development
Other Degrees: Master's in Global Development (Georgetown University)

Natalie Landwehr '14 
Demand Planning Analyst, Best Buy

Deangela Ferguson '10
Anthonique Hanna '13  
Senior Statistical Assistants, Research Dept at The Central Bank of the Bahamas