Scheduled Thesis Defenses

Here are the Thesis Defense Presentations currently scheduled for the Spring 2022 semester:

Carly Mastrian - The Influence of Emotions and Beliefs on the Comprehension of Texts About Climate Change
April 4 at 12pm in HAB 107 

Kayla O'Leary - No Happy Endings: The Portrayal of Asian Americans during the Golden Era of Hollywood
April 5 at 1pm in BAC A107 or via Zoom (request link here

Grace Savard - A Public Health Approach to Understanding COVID-19: Recognizing the Biosocial Nature of Infection
April 6 at 5:15pm in Quad 360 or via Zoom (request link here)

My Thanh Tho Nguyen - The Development of Inhibitors for the SARS-CoV-2 ORF8
April 8 at 3:15pm in Clemens B113

Hailee Thayer - The Relationship Between Populism and Masculinity in Donald Trump's Tweets
April 11 at 10:00am in Simons G60

Lizbet Martinez-Port - The Sancturary Campus: Establishing Safe Spaces of Higher Education for Undocumented Students
April 11 at 12:45pm in Simons G60

Megan Wolf - Sertraline Binding to NMDA GluN2D S1S2 Domain and Its Effects on NMDA Receptor Expression in Drosophila
April 11 at 2:30pm in ASC 121 

Erin Long - Belonging Among Venezuelan Migrants in Chile  
April 11 at 4pm in Simons 360 

Katie Mendel - Decrypting Efficient and Inefficient Cases of Learning with Errors Cryptography
April 11 at 5:30pm in CSB President's Dining Room or via Zoom (request link here)

Jacob Minkkinen - SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors Repurposed for HIV-1 Protease Inhibition
April 12 at 8:00am in Alcuin 303

Joe Penny - Koinonia as an Approach to Racial Justice in the Catholic Church
April 13 at 10:45am in HAB 003

Sara Kelly - Effects of Training and Diet on Muscle Fibers
April 13 at 3:00pm in New Science Center First Floor Classroom 

Teresa Renier - Privatizing Retirement: The Case of the Female Chilean Worker
April 19 at 4:00pm in CSB Main Building