Nomination Information for Outstanding Thesis

Thesis Committees must nominate their Scholar for consideration of the Outstanding Thesis. Thesis Committees must submit a nomination letter regarding the quality of the thesis, the Scholar's growth, and the overall experience by addressing the following topics. Committees are encouraged to review the Scholar's self-assessment to support their nomination. 

  1. Quality of the Thesis 
    1. Is the thesis of high-quality AND/OR publication worthy, far exceeding the expectations of a traditional undergraduate capstone project?
    2. Is the thesis topic unique AND/OR original to the scholar?
    3. Is the thesis timely in respective to the discipline?
    4. Does the thesis contribute new information to the discipline?
  2. Scholar's Pathway: 
    1. Did the scholar develop a project that fosters their creativity AND/OR intellectual curiosity?
    2. Did the schol gain independence as a researcher, deomstrating commitment to their research/creative process?
    3. Did the scholar demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with the mentor (and/or committee) throughout the research process?
    4. Did the scholar demonstrate the ability to manage any obstacles and difficulties with the project with professionalism?

Nomination Letters are due by April 1 to Undergradaute Research and must be endorsed by the entire Thesis Committee.