Nomination Information for Outstanding Thesis

Thesis Committees must nominate their Scholar for consideration of the Outstanding Thesis. Thesis Committees must submit a nomination letter regarding the quality of the thesis, the Scholar's growth, and the overall experience by addressing the following topics. Committees are encouraged to review the Scholar's self-assessment to support their nomination. 

  1. Quality of the Thesis 
    1. Is the thesis of high-quality, far exceeding the expectations of a traditional undergraduate thesis?
    2. Is the thesis timely and contribute new information to the discipline?
  2. Thesis Process:
    1. Scholar's ability to and success in setting goals and working to achieve them
    2. Scholar's Communication with mentor
    3. Scholar's Utilization of committee
    4. Scholar's Utilization of other resources (on campus/off campus)
  3. Scholar's Development:
    1. Did the project foster the Scholar's creativity and/or intellectual curiosity?
    2. Describe how the Scholar gained independence as researcher
    3. Can the Scholar identify and draw on knowledge, themes, or processes from their academic experience that supported the completion of their work?
  4. Dissemination:
    1. Student can clearly communicate the importance of their project and findings for people outside their discipline.
    2. Where the student is in the process at writing of this letter? Do you anticipate any challenges moving forward (until the defense)?
    3. Potential plans for dissemination?

Nomination Letters are due by April 1 to Undergradaute Research and must be endorsed by the entire Thesis Committee.