Format of Proposal

The Distinguished Thesis Proposal format should align with what is expected in your discipline. In general, proposals should include:

  1. A title page including your name and the date.
  2. A page with the names of your advisor, your two faculty readers, and the department chair.  Confirm that you have support from all these people for your project. 
  3. A statement of the purpose of the project and its value within the discipline chosen.
  4. A preliminary outline of the project.
  5. A preliminary literature review/bibliography.
  6. 1-2 paragraph summary of the proposal.

The proposal should be submitted electronically to Undergraduate Research via the Thesis Proposal Form. Students can submit their proposal anytime during their enrollment of COLG 396 but no later than September 15th.  Students working on creative projects should speak with their advisors to decide if a bibliography is appropriate.

Click here to download and view a sample Thesis Proposal.