2021 Senior Scholars

Daniel Bachmeier
The Impact of Club Involvement on the Racial Diversity of Social Networks
Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, Advisor
Dr. Sheila Nelson and Dr. Ted Gordon, Committee

Emily Booth 
Concern for COVID-19 related to The Big Five Personality Types and Collegiate Hardiness
Dr Robert Kachelski, Advisor
Dr. Aubrey Immelman and Dr. Kurt Hollender, Committee
Defense: April 14 at 2pm

Anne Marie Griebe
The Influence of Personality on Presidential Leadership Style (with a Case Study of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States)
Dr. Aubrey Immelman, Advisor
Dr. Michael Livingston and Dr. Whitney Court, Committee
Defense: April 12 at 2pm 

Nathan Jorde
Estimating the Heath Equation with Neural Networks
Dr. Michael Heroux, Advisor
Dr. Jeremy Iverson and Dr. Robert Hesse, Committee
Defense: April 8 at 4:30pm 

Mengzhen Li
Using Program Synthesis to Build a Testing program
Dr. Peter Ohmann, Advisor
Dr. Mike Heroux and Dr. Jeremy Iverson, Committee
Defense: April 7 at 8:30am 

Alexis Swanz
Emerging Adulthood in the Digital Age: How Psychological Needs Mediate the Relationship Between Social Media Use and FoMO
Dr. Richard Wielkiewicz, Advisor
Dr. Steve Stelzner and Dr. Rodger Narloch, Committee
Defense: April 12 at 4:30pm

Emily Twardy - 2021 Distinguished Thesis Award Recipient
Games with Permutation Groups
Dr. Bret Benesh, Advisor
Dr. Robert Campbell and Dr. Tom Sibley, Committee
Defense: April 14 at 9am

 Flannery White
Undermining Equal Citizenship: Nuisance Laws, Evictions, and Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
Dr. Christi Siver, Advisor
Dr. Claire Haeg and Dr. Colin Hannigan, Committee

Drew Wilds
Reproductive Health and Injustices of Incarcerated Women
Dr. Christi Siver, Advisor
Dr. Phil Kronebusch and Dr. Whitney Court, Committee