2022 Senior Scholars

Yunyiyi (Teddy) Chen
Measurement and Construct of BDSM in United States and Chinese Contexts
Dr. Amanda Macht Jantzer, Advisor
Dr. Richard Wielkiewicz and Dr. Linda Tennison, Committee

Carly Mastrian
The Influence of Emotions and Beliefs on the Comprehension of Texts About Climate Change
Dr. Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Advisor
Dr. Diana Fenton and Dr. Erin Donohue, Committee

Valerie Doze
Single-cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) Exploratory Analyses to Investigate Aging-dependent Changes and Regional Heterogeneity in Glial Cells
Dr. Jennifer Schaefer, Advisor
Dr. Heather Amthauer, Dr. Lisa Gentile, Dr. Demelza Larson, and Dr. David Mitchell, Committee

Godgift Iteghete
An Inclusive Pedagogical Approach to Introductory Level Computer Science Classes
Dr. Peter Ohmann, Advisor
Dr. Karyl Daughters, Dr. Imad Rahal, Sarah Gewirtz, Committee

Sara Kelly
Effects of Training and Diet on Muscle Fibers
Dr. Clark Cotton, Advisor

Erin Long 
Belonging Among Venezuelan Migrants in Chile
Dr. Corey Shouse, Advisor
Dr. Megan Sheehan, Dr. Ellen Block, and Dr. Roy Ketchum, Committee 

Lizbet Martinez-Port
The Sanctuary Campus: Establishing Safe Spaces of Higher Education for Undocumented Students
Dr. Pedro Dos Santos, Advisor
Dr. Whitney Court and Dr. Roy Ketchum, Committtee

Katherine Mendel
Decrypting Efficient and Inefficient Cases of Learning with Errors Cryptography
Dr. Sunil Chetty, Advisor
Dr. Imad Rahal, Dr. Kristen Nairn, Dr. Noreen Herzfeld, and Dr. Channa Kumarage, Committee

Jacob Minkkinen
SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors Repurposed for HIV-1 Protease Inhibition
Dr. Lisa Gentile, Advisor
Dr. Edward McIntee, Dr. Manuel Campos, and Dr. Jen Schaefer, Committee

Anna (My) Nguyen
The Development of Inhibitors for the SARS-CoV-2 ORF8
Dr. Lisa Gentile, Advisor
Dr. Edward McIntee, Dr. Lisa Engstrom, Dr. Heather Amthauer, Dr. Imad Rahal, Dr. Peter Ohmann, Committee 

Kayla O'Leary
No Happy Endings: ​Anna May Wong’s American Film Roles from 1931-1942

Dr. Shannon Smith, Advisor
Dr. Elisheva Perelman and Dr. Luke Mancuso, Committee

Joseph Penny
Koinonia as an Approach to Racial Justice in the Catholic Church
Dr. Kristin Colberg, Advisor
Dr. Anna Mercedes and Dr. Christopher Conway, Committee

Teresa A. Renier
Privatizing Retirement: The Case of the Female Chilean Worker
Dr. Louis Johnston, Advisor
Dr. Corey Shouse and Dr. Sucharita Mukherjee, Committee

Grace Savard
A Public Health Approach to Understanding COVID-19
Dr. Ellen Block, Advisor
Dr. Manuel Campos, Dr. Jefferey Anderson, and Dr. Ashley Fink, Committee

Shelby Stovern
The Impact of Gluten and Fructan Consumption on Cortisol Levels and Gastrointestinal Distress
Dr. Alexa Evenson, Advisor
Dr. Alicia Peterson and Dr. Ed McIntee, Committee

Hailee Thayer
The Relationship Between Populism and Masculinity in Donald Trump's Tweets
Dr. Pedro Dos Santos, Advisor
Dr. Claire Haeg and Dr. Emily Paup, Committee

Megan Wolf
Sertraline Binding to NMDA GluN2D S1S2 Domain and Its Effects on NMDA Receptor Expression in Drosophila
Dr. Lisa Gentile and Dr. Jen Schaefer, Advisors
Dr. Ed McIntee and Dr. Demelza Larson, Committee