Frequently Asked Questions

The major has a 52-credit requirement and is jointly administered by the Computer Science and Mathematics Departments.

Data science is a perfect area of study for students who enjoy computer programming and algorithms, mathematics, statistics and working with data. The field holds limitless possibilities for students who want to use big data to solve real-world problems.

The data science major is for students who want to understand why algorithms and techniques work for data problems. The data analytics minor complements a student’s major by giving the student tools to solve problems related to their discipline.

To be accepted to the data science major, students must complete CSCI 150, CSCI 160, MATH 119 and MATH 120. Combined GPA for those four courses must be 2.5 or better, and no more than one of those courses can have a grade below C. Learn more about major requirements here.

Not at all! All three majors complement each other and your first-year course schedule would look very similar regardless of which one you initially declare.