Data Analytics

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Data analysis has come to the forefront of society in multiple dimensions.  In politics, business, finance, the economy, the environment, international relations, the arts, genetics, healthcare, and in the study of languages and history, data analysis has always been of great importance.  However, information technologies and increasing availability of data have provided new avenues of inquiry and exploration in the pursuit of knowledge, in the pursuit of the common good, and in the pursue to private interest.  Whatever a student’s area of interest, their path will often cross some need to engage in thoughtful and ethical analysis of data and will require that they can communicate those findings.  Deeply embedded in the liberal arts, the Data Analytics program at CSB and SJU seeks to provide such learning and development opportunities for students regardless of their major or inquiry of interest.

Outcome 1

Students will be able to articulate meaningful lines of inquiry that might be explored through the collection, organization, visualization, and analysis of data in a context associated with their primary field of study using (as appropriate) numerical, textual, spatial, and/or visual data.

More Learning Outcomes