College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name NoteWorthy
Section 2: Purpose/Mission

NoteWorthy exists to promote student performances of the fine arts and to increase the exposure of student talent at CSB/SJU. NoteWorthy will provide bands and performers the opportunity to provide entertainment on campus in a frequent and convenient manner. While performances are the top priority of the club, it is to be noted that NoteWorthy will go above and beyond what is expected to create positive relationships with the talented students. NoteWorthy will provide students access to play shows and events without needing to wait on other clubs to offer student performances. NoteWorthy will put students together with each other and book spaces to allow students to provide entertainment for fun. The overall goal of the club will be to change the music scene at CSB/SJU. To achieve this goal, we will strive to increase the amount of shows available and make sure there are performances for every style of talent available. NoteWorthy will be sustainable over time as long as there are performers interested in being in the club. NoteWorthy will spend time building positive relationships with venues on campus so that students can frequently and easily fill these locations with fans wanting to witness the amazing talent CSB/SJU has to offer.

Section 3: Affiliation
Article II: Membership
Section 1: Eligibility for Membership

To be a full voting member, a CSB/SJU student must be willing to either perform or help run a minimum of two performances per month. Any other student can be an affiliate/non-voting of the club if they so choose.

Section 2: Voting Member Criteria

Anyone can be a member of the club. Club members who show up to at least two or more events per month are eligible for voting and running for officer positions at the end of each year.

Section 3: Removal of Members

No one can be fully removed from the club. Members can lose voting status for the following month if they do not meet the Section 2 criteria.

Article III: Officers

Section 1: Officer Qualifications

To be an officer the CSB/SJU student must have been a member of the club for one full semester. The student must also have been involved in 75% of the monthly meetings and performances.

Section 2: Elected Officers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations
  • Research and Development

Section 3: Duties of Officers

President: preside at meetings, call special meetings, primary contact with the institutions, appoint committee chairs, and runs the election process

Vice-President: assume President’s duties in his/her absence, schedule meeting/practice rooms/facilities, primary contact with the JCB, plans member/officer training programs

Treasurer: keeps all financial records, submits monthly audit statements to CFB contact (this is a mandatory requirement if you receive CFB funds), notifies organization of financial issues, prepares budget/allocation requests

Public Relations: Reach out to the CSB/SJU community through various social medias to advertise events.

Research and Development: Research needed equipment and complete a rough estimate of monetary funds needed to function. Sends these estimates to the treasurer.

Section 4: Vacancy in Office

If there is a vacancy in office, the chain of command will take effect immediately starting with Vice-President and working down to Research and Development. If there is a vacancy in Research and Development, the president will take over the responsibilities. If there is a vacancy in office, the next club meeting will have a vote to instate a new member to that position.

Section 5: Removal of Officers

A petition to remove the officer in question must be submitted to another officer. This petition must contain the signatures of 75% of voting members. When such petition is received, the officer shall call a meeting of the club to determine whether or not the officer should be removed.

The officer in charge at a regular or special club meeting then presents grounds for removal. The officer in question shall be provided an opportunity to present a defense either in person or in writing. A quorum shall be present, and a 2/3-majority vote of the voting members shall decide upon removal.

Section 6: Appeal of Removal of Officers

The removed officer has up to 3 weeks to call a club meeting (date decided by president) in which they can state a new defense as to why they should remain in office. A new vote will take place directly after the appeal, and a decision of 2/3-majority will decide the fate of that officer.

Article IV: Elections

Section 1: Nomination Process

Members running for an officer position must be nominated by another member other than themselves.

Section 2: Election

Voting will take place by secret ballot at the end of each year (term). A person can serve as many terms as he/she is elected. Elections will take place during the last 30 days of the academic school year.

Section 3: Special Elections

If an officer is removed from office, refer to Article III Section 5 for procedure. Voting will take the same procedure as Section 2 within 14 days of removal.

Article V: Advisor

Section 1: Selection

4/5 of the officers of the upcoming term must agree on the advisor selected.

Section 2: Duties

The advisor will be responsible for meeting with the President after all executive meetings. Challenge the group members to think creatively. The advisor will offer financial input. Finally the advisor will take an active part in facilitating the development of group goal.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1: Regular Meeting/Club Activities

NoteWorthy will meet twice a month to discuss upcoming events and to address the current situation of the club. A meeting will be held at the end of the year to elect officers for the next year’s positions. A meeting at the beginning of each year will be held to gather contact information from each member. This is how we will communicate with other members regarding when and where meetings will be held.

Section 2: Special Meetings

Special meetings will be held when there are events that need more attention and planning or when set up is needed. The date and times of these meetings will be coordinated between the members of the club based on scheduling convinces. These meetings will be run similarly to the original meeting but will be more oriented towards upcoming events.

Section 3: Parliamentary Authority

We will use Roberts rule of order by providing the members with a detailed agenda that we will use to run meetings effectively and efficiently, ensuring that our objectives are met.

Section 4: Quorum

All meetings will be held only if 2/3 of the members are present.

Article VII: Committees

Section 1: Committee Structure

No committees will be assigned, however everyone will work together to accomplish common goals.

Section 2: Special/Ad-Hoc Committees

Special/ad-hoc committees may be formed if deemed fit.

Article VIII: Finances

Section 1: Co-funding Board

Section 2: Honorariums

No stipends will be given.

Section 3: Dues

Members will not need to pay dues.

Article IX: Amendments

Section 1: Ratification

Amendments to the constitution will be voted on by officers if changes are needed. An 80% majority will be needed ratify a new amendment to the constitution.

Section 2: Submittal to Department of Student Activities and Joint Club Board

Any changes made to this constitution must be submitted to the Department of Student Activities and Leadership Development and the JCB.

Article X:

NoteWorthy admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the

Article XI:

NoteWorthy considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity, which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. NoteWorthy recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.

Date Of Revision: 11/13/14