Finance Club Constitution

Article I: Name

We shall be known as the Finance Club

Article II: Objectives and mission statement


The overall purpose of the Finance Club is to inform its members of career opportunities in the financial services industry through networking while amplifying and applying their knowledge.

Mission Statement 2019-2020:

To promote financial literacy on campus and inform its members of career opportunities in the financial services industry.

To provide networking opportunities for students to engage with firms in the financial sector and build relationships with individuals established in their fields.

Article III: Membership
Any St. John’s University (SJU) or College of St. Benedict (CSB) student may join our organization. There is one class membership open equally to all students, whether in the undergraduate program or the graduate program.

Member removal policy:

At any time, a member can be removed by a majority vote from the executive team.

Article IV: Board Members
The control and management of the club shall be vested in the board and shall be made up of the officers of the Association.


As your club's president, you will be planning, organizing, and carrying out responsibilities associated with your role as the club's chief executive officer. Most members will help you succeed if the tasks and expectations are clearly defined, reasonable, and the members share appropriate interest and skill.


The main duty of the vice president is to assist the president and other club officers in completing their duties. It is also the vice president's job to effectively contribute to the club's operations, this includes case studies, speaker prep and other member engagement activities. To do this effectively, you must be involved with the work and understand the policies of the club.

Competition Manager

The main duty of the Competition Manager is to select and lead the competition team(s). It is also the competition managers job to keep track of registration dates and competition requirements.


The responsibilities of the student organization secretary include but are not limited to: taking minutes at every student organization meeting; ... maintaining communication between the student organization president and individual participants (this may include emails, letters, and phone calls).

Article V: Elections
The executive team (President and VP) will be voted on for the following year in April. After the executive team is selected they will choose the rest of board in whatever manner they see fit.

Article VI: Staff/Faculty Advisor
A staff or faculty advisor shall be chosen by the club membership to offer guidance and assistance to the club and to oversee the club’s compliance with all related policies of the Joint Club’s Board and the University. This advisor shall be from St. John’s University or the College of St. Benedict.

Article VII: Club Fair

The Finance Club shall be responsible for setting up an informational booth at the club fair/Involvement during fall and spring semesters.

Article VIII: Finance
Section 1: Co-Funding Board

If allocated resources, the Finance Club will follow all CFB and institutional regulations and keep all club funds in on-campus accounts.

Section 2: Honorariums

No members will receive any form of honorariums or stipends.

Article IX: Amendments
The Constitution of the club may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members of at an official meeting. The Secretary shall mail notices of an official meeting to all members at least two weeks prior to a meeting called to amend the Constitution.

Article X: Benedictine Values
The Finance Club agrees that its activities, mission statement and goals are consistent with the Benedictine Values.

Article XI: Inclusion
The Finance Club admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XII: Hazing
The Finance Club considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. The Finance Club recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.