E-Sports League Club Constitution

Article I:

Name: E-Sports League(ESL)

The E-Sports League aims to create an on campus community where our club members can compete in virtual Strategy games with and against each other. These games will not promote violence on the CSB/SJU campus. Our club is a student organization that will routinely compete in tournaments or games and potentially with students from other colleges or universities. The mission of the E-Sports League is to provide students with an intramural E-Sports competition. During each game, students can build their social networking skills by interacting with players, gain self-confidence through competition, and build camaraderie between peers.  ESL will help to correct bias understandings of video games and provide a support system to avoid video game addiction. We believe this club can provide a platform for CSB/SJU students to accomplish personal goals, such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and creativity, while remaining true to the Benedictine Values.

No Affiliation

Article II:

Eligibility for membership:
All CSB/SJU Students are welcome to join this club. There is no limitation or pre-knowledge requirement to join the ESL. Faculty and staff can be non-voting members. Affiliate members such as these can participate in club meetings and activities.

Voting member criteria:
A voting member must be CSB/SJU student and an active participant in at least 50% of club meetings. If member cannot attend and is considered un-active, they may ask for the president's approval to vote.

Removal of members:
If a member acts disrespectfully, aggressively, or causes damage to school or club property, they will be given a verbal warning by a club officer. If the behavior continues, the club officers will announce special meeting to hold a discussion and secret ballot with all club members. This will take place within one week after the behavior occurs. If 2/3 of the attending officers and club members agree upon removal, the member will be notified and officially removed.

Article III: Officers

Officer Qualifications:
An officer must be an active member of the club and passionate about supporting club events.

Elected Officers:


Duties of Officers:

The President will preside at all club meetings and call special meetings if necessary. The President will be the main contact person for club members and institutions. They will also send emails and notify members about club elections and other activities.

The Vice-President will assume President's duties in his/her absence, schedule meeting/practice rooms/facilities, be the primary contact with the JCB.

The Treasurer will keep all financial records, submit monthly audit statements to CFB contact, notify organizations of financial issues, and will prepare budget/allocation requests.

Vacancy in Office:
In the event a vacancy should occur, the subsequent officer shall fulfill his/her responsibilities until a special election is held.

Removal of Officers:
A petition must be signed by 2/3 of the active club members in order to have a vote on the removal an Officer. Once the petition is brought to one of the officers not in question, that officer will call a special meeting. During the meeting the officer in question will have a chance to verbally defend themselves prior to the vote.  If 2/3 of the members present vote for the removal, the officer will be removed from their position immediately.

Appeal of removal officers:
The officer removed will not have an opportunity to appeal the club's final decision.

Article IV: Elections

Nomination process:
Candidates must an active club member. The President will send an email to all club members notifying them about the upcoming election. Our club encourages self and peer nomination. The standing President will create a ballot with all members' names who have been nominated.

Elections will be called by the President during the spring semester. 2/3 of the active club members must be present at the meeting to have quorum. Candidates will have an option to address the club via 2 minute formal presentation before the vote takes place. All the current officers and active members present will then participate in a secret ballot vote. The results will be brought to attention during following club meeting. The Department of Student Activities will be notified of the new officers.

Special Elections:
The same election process as outlined in section 2 will be used in the case of a special election. This election will be held within 1 month of the vacancy.

Article V: Advisor

The advisor must be CSB/SJU Faculty/Staff who has interest into E-Sports.

Our advisor will help us organize internal and external activities.

Article VI: Meetings

Regular Meeting/Club Activities:
Club meetings will be hosted at least twice a month. The first meeting will be at the beginning of a month. During the meeting, 2/3 of the club officers must be present to discuss with club members and decide activities for the upcoming month such as preparations, locations, and schedules for intramural games. An additional meeting will be held at the end of the month. 2/3 of the officers must be present to evaluate with club members the past activities and expectations for the upcoming events. The club events (intermural games) will occur once a week during the second and third weeks of the month. All club members must be physically present at the meetings in order to compete in the ESL.

Special Meetings:
If there is any necessity for a special meeting, the President will send an invitation to all club members.

Parliamentary Authority:
The club officers will lead and facilitate an open and informal discussion to address all topics necessary.

2/3 of the club officers must be present to hold a meeting, vote, or election.

Article VII: Committees

Committee Structure:
No standing Committees

Special / Ad-Hoc Committees:
If a need for special committees should arise, the President will announce this to all club members. Each member will have the opportunity to apply for the position. The necessary number and specific students for the committee will be chosen by the club officers.

Article VIII: Finances

Co-Funding Board
The Club will request monies from the Co-Funding Board on awards for the intramural games.

No one will receive honorariums

Members of E-Sports League are not required to pay any dues.

Article IX: Amendments

This constitution can be amended any time during the academic year, but amendments must be voted on by 2/3 of the officers and active club members. Once decided upon, the constitution with highlighted amendments will be submitted to the department of Student Activities and the Joint Club Board

Article X (The following is a required statement for all clubs and organizations)
The E-Sports League admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XI (The following is a required statement for all clubs and organizations)
The E-Sports League considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. The E-Sports League recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.