Ducks Unlimited Constitution

Article 1, Section 1: The name of the club is CSB/SJU Ducks Unlimited.

Section 2: This club is a chartered chapter of national ducks unlimited and serves to conserve, restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people. This club helps individual members of the CSB/SJU community and surrounding areas to participate in this conservation effort.

Section 3: We are affiliated with national and state ducks unlimited and are a part of the university system of chapters.

Article 2, Section 1: Any CSB/SJU student may be a full member, eligible for all committee positions, any faculty/community may participate at an affiliate member level, without committee privileges.

Section 2: Voting is restricted to active members, active membership is determined by member attendance at the time of vote, though may be denied at the discretion of the executive board by vote if necessary though membership is not to be denied except in cases of clear inactivity.

Section 3: Removal of officers/members may occur only with supermajority (2/3) vote and only for reasons of policy violation, negligence, or conduct unbecoming. Removal hearing may occur only with a signed petition by at least (1/2) of executive board or active members. Officers/members removed will not be allowed reinstatement during the academic year of removal.

Article 3, Section 1: In the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, any current CSB/SJU student is eligible for a position as committee officer, and it is at the discretion of the executive board these positions should be created or reduced to meet demand.

Section 2: Elected positions consist of chairman, co-chairman, and treasurer listed in descending hierarchical order. Recruitment chair and event chair (appointed) make up the executive board with the elected positions. Chairman is contact person for all university business.

Section 3: DU committee positions vary year to year with the number of interested participants, and are to be established by executive board. Listed below is committee structure from a previous year and a similar model may be expected in future years.

  • Chairman- Overall structure and leadership of chapter. Recognition of chapter as a student organization. Works with each area as needed.
  • VP events- Responsible for event logistics, programs, tickets, etc. Works closely with finance to ensure budgeting constraints are met.
  • VP Fundraising- Finds sponsors and donors to underwrite costs. Determines target individuals and organizations and distributes donor letters.
  • VP Finance- Formulates budget with chairman and event staff, works with treasury chair to manage all accounts and maintain accurate records, responsible for monthly audit report
  • Donations and Sponsors Co-chairs- Work under direction of VP Fundraising to solicit donations and sponsorships, meet and greet sponsors and donors at event.
  • Facilities chair- Books facility, ensures proper equipment including sound/display boards/etc is available
  • Raffle Chair- Sells tickets during event and manages raffle board, conducts drawing and coordinates prize pick-up
  • Meal/Drink chair- Works with event VP to plan meal and drink, ensures proper supplies are on hand for expected attendance, works with catering staff during event to ensure a smooth operation
  • Prize/Merchandise chair- Responsible for selecting and ordering all merchandise and prizes, receives donated merchandise, must maintain accurate records with VP finance.
  • Treasury chair- Maintains chapter accounts, records balances and files paperwork as necessary.

Section 4: Vacancy in office shall be addressed by vote of the executive committee.

Section 5: In the spirit of equity, removal procedure for any officer shall follow the steps outlined above for member and committee removal.

Section 6: Appeal of removal will require the intervention of faculty moderator. Should the staff advisor agree that appeal may be proper, and then a full committee hearing shall take place, moderator to be present. A (2/3) vote shall be necessary to overturn removal.

Article 4, Section 1:: Officers for executive board may be nominated or self nominate. Timeline for nomination is set by previous chairman, with new officers to be names by end of March each year.

Section 2: Elections for executive board will be public ballot, open forum. Voting will occur in multiple rounds until a majority vote has been determined. In the event of unbreakable tie, a coalition approach shall mandate power sharing. The spirit of cooperation is essential to DU’s mission and that should be the focus in elections.

Section 3: Given the time constraints associated with the club’s event agenda, vacancy will be met by executive committee appointment by majority.

Article 5, Section 1: Club advisor will be selected by executive board.

Section 2: Advisor duties are limited: attendance at several meetings as determined by board, participation in removal appeal process if necessary.

Article 6, Section 1: Meetings are called at the discretion of the chair with notification sent via email.

Section 2: Given the nature of the meeting structure a special meeting is considered the same as a regular meeting, though in extreme circumstances it may be acceptable for less notice time to be given.

Section 3: The meetings will be run as dictated by chair, with the counsel of his executive committee and as suggested by DU policy and custom.

Section 4: Given the time constraints for action due to the timeline of the fall event, ½ of current year voting membership will be considered quorum.

Article 7, Section 1: Committees are given in club structure and no further discussion is necessary beyond what is detailed above.

Article 8, Section 1: Our club will apply for CFB money and follow all policies.

Section 2: No club member or officer will receive compensation.

Section 3: There are no dues, though members are expected to attend the fundraising event and purchase their own tickets.

Article 9, Section 1: Amendments will be added by (2/3) vote once quorum is established. Voting will occur at any full meeting where amendments are proposed.

Section 2: Any amendment will be submitted to the Department of Student Activities and JCB.

Article 10,  CSB/SJU Ducks Unlimited admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article 11,  CSB/SJU Ducks Unlimited considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. CSB/SJU Ducks Unlimited recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.

Article 12, CSB/SJU Ducks Unlimited agrees that its activities, mission statement and goals are consistent with the Benedictine Values.