Curling Club Constitution

Article I
The name of this organization is the CSB/SJU Curling Club.  It shall be the purpose of this club to introduce and educate students to the lifelong sport of curling, foster respect for the etiquette of the game, give students the chance to compete competitively and recreationally in the sport while creating a community in light of the Benedictine values.

Article II

Section I: Membership, Dues and Responsibilities
Membership is open to any member of the Saint John's or Saint Ben's community, however only students are allowed to be full members.  If the number of curlers is limited by the availability of open league spots, the Board Members will select game participants based on attitude, ability, attendance, and experience.

Section II: Voting Member Criteria
In order to be a voting member one must pay full dues, attend over 50% of the games and will be on teams for league.  Those who are unable to attend over 50% of the games can become non-voting members who will pay reduced league fees and will play as a substitute on teams for absent members, on an occasional basis.

Section III: Removal of Members
Removal from the club will be based on a 2/3 vote of the board with the member given an opportunity to defend themselves to appeal before the vote takes place. Removal from the club will be a result of continued disrespectful behavior to other curlers or other club members, failure to pay league fees, and other actions deemed unlawful or harmful to the club.

Article III:

Section I: Officers
To be qualified to be an officer, the student must be in the club for at least one year. All officers must be current CSB/SJU students.

Section II: Elected Officers
Board members will have equal say in matters. [The beginning part was taken out]

Section III: Duties of Officers

Oversee activities of club, call forth meetings, keep in contact with faculty advisor, runs election process, have final say in matters discussed by the board.

Vice President
Assume president's duties in his/her absence, shall be appointed president if president is unable to fulfill duties, set up practice times outside of league time, assist president when necessary.

Take minutes at meetings, club historian, notify members of meetings, plays active role in emailing and communication between members and other institutions and make sure club requirements have been met.

Keeps all financial records, collect club dues, pay league fees, pay bonspiel fees, submit audit statements to CFB, notify organization of financial issues and prepares budget.

Bonspiel Coordinator
Locate junior and adult bonspiels, properly prepare club to participate in such bonspiels, and collect bonspiel dues.

Alexandria League Coordinator
Maintain contact with head of league, prepare club for league matches, fill weekly vacancies in rink and organize transportation for league in Alexandria.

Willmar League Coordinator
Maintain contact with head of league, prepare club for league matches, fill weekly vacancies in rink and organize transportation for league in Willmar. Depending on room in leagues this position may be unneeded, since the Willmar league will be only used if the Alexandria league is full.

Section IV: Vacancy in Office
In the event that a vacancy should occur, the board should appoint a voting member to fill the vacancy through a vote. If vacancy of president occurs, the vice president will fill their place. [The second sentence was removed because if a voting member is appointed there will not be a case of a person not being found. The reasoning for only having the board vote is that it will make the process run faster and easier. Also, board members have the best idea of what board duties entail and can make the best decisions on who can serve on the board after reviewing each platform. There are also other clubs, such as crew, who use this same method.]

Section V: Removal of Officers
Removal of the officer will be based on a 2/3 vote of the board with the member given an opportunity to defend themselves before the vote takes place. Removal of the officer will be a result of continued disrespectful behavior to other curlers or other club members, failure to pay league fees, other actions deemed unlawful or harmful to the club and not fulfilling the officer's duties

Section VI: Appeal of Removal of Officers
The member can call for a vote by all of the voting members. Then the decision can be overturned by a 2/3 vote by the members. [The lack of appeal as a result of a unanimous decision was removed so that an appeal is always possible]

Article IV: Elections

Section I: Nomination Process
The members will nominate themselves by submitting a personal platform reflecting their qualifications for the said position.

Section II: Election
After the platforms have been submitted, the board members will review them and vote individually on each position with a secret ballot. The person must be voted by a majority of 55% or greater. If this majority is not reached in the first election, a runoff election will occur between the top two vote earners. The platforms will be reviewed immediately and following will be the runoff election by the board.

Section III: Special Elections
Since the board will appoint the new officers, there will be no special elections held.

Article V: Advisor

Section I: Selection
The club members will choose an advisor based on the said faculty's knowledge on the sport, his/hers desires to act as faculty advisor and if they are able to properly commit to the role of advisor.

Section II: Duties
The duties of the advisor are to meet with the board members as necessary, explain institutional policy, offer financial management advice, provide continuity for the club, act as a resource to the group and intervene when knowledge of illegal activity may occur.

Article VI: Meetings

Section I: Regular Meetings/Club Activity
Meetings will occur regularly, as deemed by the president. Also, leagues will occur on a weekly basis. Members will be notified via email by the secretary.

Section II: Special Meetings
Special meetings will be called by the president in the case of an emergency. These meetings shall be run in the same manner as regular meetings.

Section III: Parliamentary Authority
Meetings will be run using parliamentary procedures. [This section was shortened to allow more flexibility in meetings.]

Section IV: Quorum
At least 55% of the club must be present at a meeting to conduct official club business.

Article VII: Committees

Section I: Committee Structure
This club will contain no permanent committees.

Section II: Special Committees
Special committees will be created based on special events needing special planning. The special committees will be called forth on the basis of special need from the President. The club members wishing to be involved in the special committee must submit a special platform of their qualifications based on the special topic. The board members will select a special number of occupants based on special need of the event. The board will hold a special vote on the special members of the special committee roster. The special vote must pass the special election with a vote of 55%. The special committee will be disbanded when their special task is complete and the president chooses to disband the special committee.

Article VIII: Finances

Section I: Co-Funding Board
The CSB/SJU will annually apply for CFB funds, and hereby abide by all CFB and institutional regulations.

Section II: Honorariums
No one will be eligible for honorariums.

Section III: Dues
All members are required to pay annual dues. All board members will be exempt from paying annual dues because of their service to the club. The amount of the dues will be decided based on the league fees, bonspiel fees and transportation fees. [The reasoning for board members not having to pay dues is that this is compensation for their time and service to the club. This procedure is also used by other clubs.]

Article IX: Amendments

Section I: Ratification
Ratification of new amendments will occur at the end of the year before a new board is elected. Amendments may be proposed by any member of the board and will only be accepted by a 2/3 majority.

Section II: Submittal to Department of Student Activities and Joint Club Board
Any changes made to this constitution must be submitted to the Department of Student Activities and the JCB.

Article X
The CSB/SJU Curling Club admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XI
The CSB/SJU Curling Club considers hazing to be degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization.  The CSB/SJU Curling Club recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.