Cryptocurrency Club Constitution

The Constitution of the Saint John's University|College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section I. Name

The name of this organization is the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club (ticker symbol CCC)

Section II. Purpose

The purpose of the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club is to provide an environment conducive to learning and examining the exciting world of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Along with keeping the communities of Saint John's University | College of Saint Benedict up to date and informed on the happenings in the Crypto sphere.

Article II: Membership

Section I. Eligibility

The Saint John's University | College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency club’s membership will include voting members, affiliate members, and non-voting members. Voting membership will be open exclusively to any student enrolled at the Saint John's University | College of Saint Benedict. Affiliate membership and non-voting membership shall be open to non-students, alumni, and faculty/staff.

Section II. Voting Membership Criteria

A voting club member must have attended at least 50% of club meetings and must be a student enrolled at Saint John’s University or the College of Saint Benedict.

Section III. Removal of Members

Any member in bad standings with the club will be given 5 minutes at the end of a meeting to defend their position. The 5-minute defense is followed by a club wide anonymous vote, on if the member in question should or should not be removed from the club

Article III: Executive Members

Section I. Executive Qualifications

The President and Vice-President must be a junior or senior in years on campus. One member may hold a single Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club Executive Board position at a time. To be eligible for an executive position, you must be a member of the Cryptocurrency club for at least a semester and in good standing with the club.

Section II. Executive Board

The Executive Board is as follows:

  1. President
    b. Vice president
  2. Public Relations Officer
  3. Treasurer

Section III. Executive Board Duties


  • Lead and attend all club meetings
  • Coordinate the activities of the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club
  • Call special meetings if necessary
  • Set the rules and procedures to carry out club elections. In doing so, the President shall confer with all executive board members; however, he or she shall retain ultimate discretion regarding the rules and procedures
  • Carry out the activities necessary to provide the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club members with information about current Crypto news circulating in the news cycle.
  • Primary contact with the institutions of Saint Johns and Saint Benedicts.
  • Conduct special elections, only as deemed necessary by the executive board.
  • Provide each member of the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club with necessary information regarding upcoming club events and meetings

Vice President-

  • The Vice President assumes the President's duties in his/her absence.
  • Schedule meetings and secures facilities for meetings to take place in.
  • plans member/officer training programs.
  • Keep Information on hand about the Cryptocurrency market analysis.
  • Compile summaries of group meetings for references to those who may have missed the meeting.

Public Relations Officer-

  • Publicize all the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club activities and programs.
  • Operate all major forms of social media for the Saint John's University | College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency club.
  • Accompany the President to any meetings with the Student Senate.
  • Promote activities of the Cryptocurrency club and encourage the student population to get involved with the club.
  • In charge of overseeing the growth of the club overtime.


  • Have responsibility of all funds and deposit all funds in the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club account(s).
  • Pay bills approved by the Executive Board by a majority vote.
  • Submit records of accounts for auditing by the Co-Funding Board.
  • Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and give a written report at all regular meetings.
  • Submit a finalized budget to the Saint John's University | College of Saint Benedict Co-Funding Board.
  • Accompany the president to all Co-Funding Board meetings in which requests for additional funds and approval of activities are made.
  • Comply with all policies of the School Senates and, Business Offices, and Co-Funding Board.

Section IV. Vacancy in Office

In the event of the removal or resignation of a member of the executive board, the Cryptocurrency club will hold a vote on which voting member should fulfill the role. The member who gets the most vote will be elected to their new position. In the occurrence of the president’s removal the vice president will take over the role of the president until the elections at the end of the semester and a new vice president will be voted upon. 2/3rds of the club must be present to make these votes.

Section V. Removal of an Executive

If an executive is to be removed, a petition for the executive’s removal must be presented to another officer and garner a 2/3rds majority vote to be ratified. The grounds for removal must be well defined and presented to the executive board before the whole club. The executive being petitioned against will have designated time at the end of the meeting, before a vote is held, to defend their position in front of the entire club, they may also produce a written defense if they’d rather. After voting has taken place among the executive board, and given the vote to remove an executive succeeds, the executive is notified by the other executive board members. After this, during the next meeting a vote is taken among all voting members on if they executive is to be removed, this vote must receive a 2/3rds majority.

Section VI. Appeal of Removal of an Executive

A former executive member who’s been removed from office may appeal the decision if the vote was less than 80% against him/her. The appeal process must begin with the executive making a statement to the club, whether that be in person or via some written form. This discussion must relate to why the executive was removed in the first place and must detail the steps they need to take to get back in the good graces of the club. The former executive will then meet with the executive board and they will take a vote on if the executive will be allowed back in, the vote must be unanimous. If the executive then receives a 70% majority vote among the voting members of the club, they will be allowed back into their former executive possession.

Article IV. Elections

Section I. Nominating Process

Any voting member of the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club can nominate themselves with expressed written approval of the club advisor. The member must have approval of the advisor before midterms of the given semester.

Section II. Election Process

The President of the Cryptocurrency club holds the definitive decision over how elections are run during their terms. However, all Presidents must abide by the conventions that elections must occur every semester and individual votes must remain anonymous.

Section III. Special Elections

Whether or not there need be a special election will be left up to a vote among the executive board members. The process of conducting a special election and figuring out the best way to go about orchestrating the election will be the responsibility of the President. The Executive Board will facilitate the Special Election, setting a date and time for elections that falls within one week of the vacancy of the office

Article V. Advisor

Section I. Advisor Selection

The advisor of the Cryptocurrency club must be a facility member involved in the Economics, Computer Science, Finance, Mathematics, or Global Business Leadership departments at the College of Saint Benedicts and/or Saint Johns University. This is because these vocations directly relate to the club’s goal of teaching the community about the Crypto sphere. Every academic year voting members will be given an opportunity to nominate a new advisor from one of the aforementioned departments if they so choose.

Section II. Advisor Duties

Attend Executive Board and general club meetings when possible. Assist in resolving group conflict. Be a resource to the organization. Keep up to date with the important happenings in the Crypto sphere.

Article VI. Meetings

Section I. Regular Meetings

Meetings weekly to discuss changes in the Cryptocurrency markets and advances/adaption of blockchain technology in that week. Members will be notified via email of when the next meeting will occur.

Section II. Special Meetings

A special meeting may be called under extraordinary circumstances if there is particularly incredible news in the Crypto sphere. Whether or not the news is impactful enough to prompt a special meeting will be left to the discretion of the president. These meetings would be shorter generally as they will likely be called to discuss one critical event as opposed to a week worth of events.

Section III. Meetings Agenda

The Cryptocurrency club meetings will be treated as a large group discussion. The executive board members will be held responsible for having material and news to discuss if other members don’t or cease to have contributions for the discussion. The meetings will also discuss certain ongoing or approaching club events. The primary goals for every meeting are that each member leaves having learned at least one new thing about either Cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology and that the discussions are inclusive and enriching for all involved.

Section IV. Quorum

Meetings may occur if less than 2/3rds of the club members are in attendance. However, no in meeting voting may be conducted unless greater than 2/3rds of the club are at any given meeting.

Article VII. Committees

Section I. Committees and Ad Hoc Committees

At its inception, the Cryptocurrency club will not have any committees beyond the executive board. Though committees and ad hoc committees may be formed as deemed necessary by the voting members of the club.

Article VIII. Finances

Section I. Co-Funding Board

The Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club will apply for grants from the Co-Funding Board (CFB). "If allocated resources, the Cryptocurrency club will follow all CFB and institutional regulations, and keep all club funds in on-campus accounts."

Section II, Honorariums

The Cryptocurrency club Executive board members will not receive Honorariums in any form.

Article IX. Amendments

Section I. Ratification

Any propositions to amend the Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club constitution must be argued for in meetings where over 2/3rds of the club is in attendance. The amendments must be easily understood and must be voted on during the same meeting in which they are presented in. The amendment must receive a 2/3rds majority vote in the meeting it is presented in to be ratified.

Article X. 

The Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XI.

The Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. The Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.

Article XII

The Saint John’s University/College of Saint Benedict Cryptocurrency Club agrees that its activities, mission statement and goals are consistent with the Benedictine Values.