Campus Groove Recordings Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be Campus Groove Recordings of the College Of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of Campus Groove Recordings (CGR) is to create a record album of, by, and for the students of CSB/SJU. Through this endeavor, CGR aims to teach students about the internal and external workings of the current music industry, showcase talents of CSB/SJU student artists while connecting them with an audience and to teach the fundamentals of operating a business, such as marketing techniques and financial responsibilities.

Article III: Definitions

Production Year: The production year shall be known as a school year in which an album is recorded and distributed. (Currently, every other year will be a production year.)

Quorum: The minimum number (expressed in terms of a ratio) of CGR members, both executive and general, required for a large group decision of any kind to be made. CGR’s quorum will be two-thirds.

Large Group Decision: A decision that is discussed and voted upon within a meeting of all CGR members.

Major CGR Decision: A decision that may include, but is not limited to: spending more than $50, selecting a new advisor, deciding on a recording studio, approving the artistic layout of the CD insert.

Committee: A group comprising one executive board member and several general members that incorporate to address a specific task or function to furthering the progress to the recording project. Further specialization will be present among committee members.

Article IV: Membership

Through a simple application process, club membership is open for all CSB/SJU students to apply. Due to the unique circumstances under which CGR operates, convincing evidence of a strong membership commitment is necessary.

Two unexcused absences will be allowed per semester for CGR executive board members due the anticipated frequency of meetings to be scheduled. General members of CGR are required to attend all meetings. Absences may be excused under certain circumstances if needed.

Article V: Executive Board Positions

The executive board will consist of 4-6 members. Executive board members serve 2-year terms unless production occurs more frequently, in which case, executive board positions are open for election after each production year. Positions 1-4 listed below must be filled in order to have a fully functioning and voting executive board. Positions 5-6 are positions which will become integral roles as CGR continues to grow in the future.

On years when there are only 4 executive board members, a unanimous vote must take place and if there are more, it requires a 2/3-majority vote before making major CGR decisions.

1. Project Director- The Project Director will oversee the entire production of the music album, including the overall management aspects of the project. These responsibilities include planning the project schedule, calling meetings, and budgeting funds with the institutions, serving as the main contact between administrators and committee members.

2. Marketing Manager- The duties of the Marketing Manager will include appointing, working with, overseeing, and delegating duties to a marketing committee, CGR public relations (including press releases, campus emails, communication with radio stations, TV, newspapers, other publications), design and upkeep of the CGR webpage, generation of promotional materials (display stands, posters, brochures, and all mailings), as well as consignments and concert/events planning.

3. Artistic Director- The Artistic Director will take care of appointing, working with, and overseeing the artistic committee, generating creative ideas for CD insert, and creating the total CD insert layout and appearance, including artwork/graphics, photography and typography in coherence with the overall CGR CD image being marketed for that specific year.

4. Financial Manager- The Financial Manager will be overseeing all project expenditures, as well as submitting detailed production, manufacturing, and sales budgets to the Project Director and the Project Advisor. Additionally, the Financial Manager will be notified of any expenses exceeding a particular dollar amount, which will be predetermined in conjunction with the Project Director.

5. Assistant Project Director- The Assistant Project Director will aid the Project Director in overseeing the entire project. In the absence of the Project Director, the Assistant Project Director will assume all Project Director responsibilities. In addition, the Assistant Project Director will also serve secondary liaison between institutional administrators and committee members.

6. Research Analyst- The responsibility of the Research Analyst is to study a particular factor pertaining to the sales of the music album. Demographic studies, for example, such as student sampling would provide statistical evidence to assist Executive Members in determining musical preferences. The Research Analyst will gather information necessary for the Marketing Director to promote the music album to a target market. The Research Analyst may form and lead a committee dedicated in the actualization of his or her purpose.

*Duties are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Ad hoc committees will be formed as needed.

Article VI: General Member Positions

1. General members will be appointed by members of the Executive Board into committees.

2. All general members will be expected to attend scheduled large group meetings (see Article IX).


1. All general members will serve on at least one committee

2. All general members will have a specific job within their designated committee, which will be appointed by the appropriate board member and unanimously agreed upon by the rest of the members of the committee

3. Committees will be formed and be led by the Marketing Manager, Artistic Director and Research Analyst.

Article VII: Elections

Executive Board Members

1. Must have been a CGR club member for a minimum of one previous semester

2. Elections will take place at the end of a production year. The executive board will accept applications for position openings.

3. The executive board will review applicants on the basis of their application and an interview. A minimum of two nominations per position opening will be voted on and passed 2/3 majority of the executive board quorum and places on a ballot.

4. The executive board will ensure that all nominations are qualified before placing them on the ballot. General qualification guidelines will remain consistent with the position description the applicant is applying for.

5. Nominations will be brought to a selection committee consisting of the executive board and ¼ CGR members to be selected randomly. Decisions will be reached by a 2/3 majority vote in favor of the applicant. The selection committee must be present in its entirety at the time of the applicant’s interview in order for the vote to be cast.

6. Special elections will be held as needed to elect replacements for members who leave CGR.

General Members

1. The executive board will accept general members through an application and interview process and two-thirds majority vote.

2. The members of the executive board staff must be present in its entirety at the time of the interviewing of all applicants in order for a vote to be cast.

Article VII: Advisor(s)

The executive board shall choose one primary CGR advisor. The duties of the advisor shall be consistent with the basic expectations as listed in the club manual and advisor contract. The advisor will serve as an open resource for new member admissions (both general and executive) as well as for impeachment issues, but will not be granted voting rights on hearings of any kind. The advisor must be a current CSB/SJU faculty or staff member.

Article IX: Meetings

During A Production Year

The Executive Board will organize club meetings as needed throughout the year, notifying members in advance. All General members are required to attend these meetings.


Committee meetings will be called into session by the executive board member in charge of that respective committee. All committee members are required to attend, unless otherwise indicated by the executive board member.


The executive positions will meet a minimum of every two weeks. All interactions and decisions regarding CGR that take place inside and outside of these meetings will be recorded and keep in a collaborative CGR binder available for members to review at any time.


During an Off-Production Year

CGR will hold meetings no less than once a month. Additional meetings will be held as needed at the discretion of the executive board. Meetings during off-production years will typically be geared toward hosting educational speakers, live concerts and events, and planning for transition into the next year.


Article X: Impeachment


Any Officer of Campus Groove Recordings may be impeached for failure to fulfill the responsibilities of their position or going against institutional policies.


The impeachment process must start with a petition signed by no fewer than 25% of active club members and submitted to the executive board. The petition and reasons for requesting impeachment must then be formally presented at a special meeting called y an executive board member within three weeks of receiving the petition.


The entire executive board, a quorum of general members, and the CGR advisor must be in attendance for the review of the officer in question. After petitioners have presented their case, the officer in question may state his/her case. A vote will be taken at this meeting by secret ballot and the removal of an officer requires two-thirds majority vote of those listed above with the exception of the advisor, who does not have vote privileges. The officer in question may appeal the decision at this meeting. Once the officer’s appeal has been made, the conductor of the meeting (Project Director, unless he/she is the member in question, then it would be the Marketing Manager) will schedule another meeting date to take place within one week of the current meeting in which the executive board and a quorum of general members will vote on his/her removal by secret ballot for the final decision.


Article XI: Amendment Process


The executive board reserves the right to amend the constitution. Any other proposed amendments shall be submitted to the executive board for review at least one week before a meeting. The proposed amendment will be discussed at the next meeting and voting will take place during the meeting that follows the proposal. To be a valid vote, the CGR constitution may be amended by a two-thirds executive and general member vote in favor of the proposed amendment.


Article XII: Honorarium Policy


Campus Groove Recordings shall offer no honorariums to any member of the organization.

Article XIII

Campus Groove Recordings admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XIV

Campus Groove Recordings considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. Campus Groove Recordings recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.