Asia Club Constitution

Article I: Name and Mission

Section 1: Club name shall be The Asia Club

Section 2: The overriding purpose of this club is to promote Asian Culture in formal and informal settings and in the context of Benedictine values and Multiculturalism on our campuses.  In the process, we strive to unite all students interested in Asia, with a particular responsibility for providing a welcoming and inclusive support system for students of Asian heritage.  We are dedicated to increasing East-West understanding in the 21st Century, encouraging the involvement of students of Asian heritage in campus leadership and service and advancing Asian heritage outreach in Minnesota, including the campus of Saint Cloud State University and the Twin Cities Metro area.


Article II: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility. The Asia Club membership is open to any CSB/SJU student interested in Asia and willing to embrace the spirit of the Club and abide by the rules of this Constitution.  Faculty and staff are welcome as affiliate, non-voting members.

Section 2: Membership and voting Criteria.  At the beginning of each academic year and no later than Sept. 15th, the Club Secretary will solicit membership via a campus-wide mailing or E-mail.  Students who respond will automatically be included on the initial membership list and will receive Club mailings and announcements.  Attendance will be taken at all meetings and voting rights for the Spring Semester will be retained by those attending at least 50% of the fall meetings.  The Executive Board may waive this requirement with cause.  New members may be accepted at any time upon application to the Secretary.

Section 3: Removal of Members.  Members who fail to meet the requirements outlined in Article II, Section 2, will be notified by the Secretary that their names are being dropped from the active, voting members’ roster.  Said members will have two weeks from the date of this notification to appeal, in writing, to the Executive Board.  There is no further appeal beyond the decision of the Board, determined by a majority vote of those present.


Article III: Officers

Section 1: Qualifications.  Any member in good standing is eligible for election as an officer if nominated under the conditions described in Article IV.  All terms of office run for one year, beginning with an election in March.

Section 2: Elected officers and Duties.

Chair: Presides at Club meetings; calls special meetings with approval of Executive Board; serves as primary contact with CSB/SJU; presides at Executive Board meetings; oversees outreach activities, and other duties as directed by the Executive Board.  Working with the Secretary, Chair is responsible for overseeing the establishment of committees and the Executive Board.  Ordinarily, these Committees will be established and Committee Chairs elected before the end of September.

Vice-Chair: Assumes Chairs duties in his/her absence; assists Chair in Scheduling, reserving rooms and overseeing election process.  Vice-Chair is the Club's primary contact with the CSB/SJU Joint Club Board (JCB).  Vice-Chair serves as Club Parliamentarian.

Secretary: Takes and distributes minutes of all Club meetings; maintains current member rosters (see Article II, section 2); takes roll at all meetings and keeps attendance records; informs members of removal from active roster; facilitates appeal process for members; accepts and compiles nominations for officer elections; notifies members of meetings, and handles official Club correspondence.

Treasurer: Keeps all financial records; submits monthly audit statements to CSB/SJU Co-Funding Board (CFB); periodically notifies Officers, Executive Board and members of Club's financial status; prepares budget requests and allocations.  Treasurer is the Club's primary contact with the CFB.

Section 4: Vacancy in Office.  In the event an officer vacancy should occur, the remaining officers, in consultation with the Executive Board, will issue a special call for nominations and oversee a special election within three weeks of the vacating of said office.  Special election will fill the office vacated, except that when the vacancy is in the Chair, the Vice-Chair will become the Chair and the Special election will fill the office of Vice-Chair.

Section 5: Removal of officers.

A.  A petition to remove an officer must be submitted to another officer or a member of the Executive Board.  Said petition must be signed by a number of active members equal to or greater than 25% of the total of active members.  Petition must clearly state the reasons for the requested removal.

B.  When such a petition is received, the officer or Board member must submit it to the Club Secretary (or Treasurer if petition seeks removal of Secretary) for verification.  If petition is valid, Secretary (or Treasurer) must notify the officer in question.  Within ten days of said notification, a special meeting of the Executive Board will be convened to review the case.  The officer in question shall be provided the opportunity, in writing or in person or both, to present a defense.  a 2/3 majority of Executive Board members is necessary for removal.  Officer in question will be informed of the Board's decision within seven days.

C.  Officer in question may appeal, through the Secretary (or Treasurer) for the hearing at a general meeting of active Club members.  A 2/3 vote of those present is necessary to overturn the removal decision of the Executive board.


Article IV: Elections

Section 1: Nomination and Election Process.  Nominations for officers invited via mass mailing or e-mail to all active members.  Call for nominations will go out no later than three weeks prior to the scheduled election on the last Tuesday of March.  Nominations will be accepted for one week following the mailing of the request for nominations.  Club Secretary is responsible for solicitation of nominations and verification of eligibility.  Candidates will be notified for their nomination and may accept or decline.  Candidates may begin campaigning as soon as informed of their nomination.  No later than ten days prior to election date, Secretary informs a special meeting of the Executive Board on the slate of candidates.  Executive Board then sets agenda for and member ship is informed of time and place for Club Election Day meeting at which candidates may present their platform.  A secret ballot election at the conclusion of this meeting will determine the winners.  A candidate with the most votes wins.

Section 2: Special Elections.  See Article II, Section 4.


Article V.  Advisor

Recommendations will be made to the Executive Board and a majority of the Board must act favorably on the recommendation or solicit another until position is filled.


Article VI.  Committees and the Executive Governing Board

Section 1: Standing Committee Organization.  While inviting Club membership (see Article II, Section 2), Secretary will solicit membership on one of the standing committees.  At their first meeting set by the secretary for no later than September 25th, Committee Chairs, by virtue of their election, become members of the Executive Board.  Ordinarily, Committees will meet monthly.

Section 2: Standing Committees and Responsibilities.

A.  Committee on Membership.  Responsible for new and renewal member drives and dissemination of information direction at increasing membership.  Contacts past and/or inactive members to solicit reasons for loss of interest or inactivity and attempts to renew interest.  Informs Executive Board on all matters relating to Club membership.  Works closely with and supports the Secretary in all matters pertaining to membership.  Represents the Club at Campus Club Fairs.

B.  Committee on Education.  Plans and executes mailings, programs and activities that advance the Asia Club's commitment to education as described in Article I, Section 2.

C.  Publicity and Publications Committee.  Assists the Club Officers, Executive Board and other Committees in all publicity and publications efforts.

D.  Social Programming Committee.  Plans and Executes activities that advanced the Asia Club's commitment to uniting, supporting, and providing, a welcoming environment for students of Asian heritage.

E.  Leadership, Outreach and Service Committee.  Promotes and works toward increased involvement of the Asia Club and its members, especially those of Asian heritage, in leadership, outreach, and service roles and activities, both on and off campus.

F.  Asian New Year Committee.  Plans and oversees Asian New Year activities and event(s).

G.  All Committee Proposals, Activities and Expenditures must be Presented to the Executive Board for Review and Approval.

Section 3: Ad Hoc Committees.  Ad Hoc committees may be created by the Executive Board as the need arises.  Ad Hoc committees will be limited in tenure to one school year.  Chairs of Ad Hoc committees are appointed by the Executive Board and may attend Executive Board meetings but are not voting members of the Executive Board.

Section 4: The Executive Board.

A.  Membership.  The Executive Board will consist of the Club Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, treasurer and the Chairs of all Standing Committees.

B. Powers and Responsibilities.

1. Has primary responsibility for setting annual programming and activities agenda and for assuring that said programs and activities reflect and advance the Club's mission and goals as stated in Article I Section 2.

2.  Serves as advisory council for club officers.

3.  Decision making body for removal of Club officers with cause, as described in Article III, Section 5, B.

4.  Consultative body for calling of Special Elections and Nominations, as described in Article III, Section 4.

5.  Upon request of the Chair, approves calling of special meetings, as described in Article III, Section 2.

6.  Hears and decides member removal appeals, as described in Article III, Section 2.

7.  Can waive, with cause, attendance requirement for membership in good standing.  See Article II, Section 2. 

C. Quorum and Voting

1.  For all actions requiring a vote, a quorum representing 50% of the membership must be present.

2. Vote will  be determined by a simple majority of those present, unless otherwise indicated in this Constitution.

D. Vacancies.  Vacancies on the Executive Board resulting from the resignation of a Committee Chair will be filled by the election of a new Committee Chair within a week of the resignation.


Article VII.  Meetings and Rules

Section 1.  Meetings. Club Meetings will be held once a month.  At the beginning of each school year, the Executive Board sets dates and times for regular meetings. Secretary is responsible for informing membership of these dates as soon as they are set and also for sending notices of individual meetings and agenda one week in advance of said meeting. Special meetings may be called and notice given only as prescribed in this Constitution.

Section 2.  "Robert's Rules" will dictate parliamentary procedures at all meetings. Club Vice-Chair serves as Parliamentarian and is responsible for rules interpretations.  In this capacity, Vice-Chair is also responsible for assuring that this Constitution is not violated.

Section 3.  Quorum for Club Meetings is defined as 50% of Club Membership. If called, a quorum must be present for official action to be taken.  Action requires simple majority vote.


Article VIII.  Finances

Section 1.  Club will apply for monies and, if allocated resources, will follow all CFB and institutional regulations. Club Treasurer oversees application and adherence to appropriate regulations.

Section 2.  Ordinarily, Club Officers and members do not receive an honorarium. Single Instance exceptions to this rule can be authorized by the Executive Board. Any honorarium so given must come from Club generated funds.

Section 3.  Dues. As determined at initial school year meeting of the Executive Board. Amount, if any, due dates, and collection procedures set by Executive board.

Section 4.  All Club funds must be kept in a campus account.


Article IX.  Ratification and Amendments

Section 1.  Amendments to this Constitution.  Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a petition signed by a number of members in good standing equal to 1/3 of the total membership.  Amendments may also be proposed by the Executive Board.  Proposed amendments must be distributed to members within one weeks of their proposal and must be discussed and voted on at a meeting held no sooner than one week and no later than two weeks following distribution.  A 2/3 vote of those present at said general meeting is necessary for ratification.

Section 2.  Any changes to this Constitution must be submitted to the Department of Student Activities and the JCB  following the change.

Article X 

The Asia Club agrees that its activities, mission statement and goals are consistent with the Benedictine Values. 

Article XI

The Asia Club admits students without regard to their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and other activities, generally accorded or made available to members of the organization.

Article XII

The Asia Club considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. The (name of club/organization) recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.