The CSB/SJU Crew club is a co-ed club that participates in both the Fall and Spring competitive seasons.

While we like performing well and expanding the reputation of SJU/CSB Crew, we stress camaraderie and having fun as the main goals for the seasons.

Some important aspects of our team:

  • The CSB/SJU Crew Club is run entirely by the students. Rowers are responsible for recruitment, training, and participating.
  • Most novice rowers will quickly learn the advanced techniques of sweep rowing and coxing.
  • Emphasis on Technique
  • With the limited amount of on-the-water training, we focus our coaching strategies on technique and form. Endurance and strength training are aspects of our dry-land workouts.
  • We are a Club Sport; team members retain a competitive edge with the realization that we enter competitions against Division I and Division II schools that spend upwards of 5 hours per day on training.
  • Regattas (rowing competitions) often require travel to various states like Nebraska, Illinois, and Iowa for competitions. All teams fees are accounted for when you pay your fees.

Our team Constitution!