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Energy Challenge

  • Who: Residence Halls at CSB
  • What: A competition between residence halls to reduce the most energy use.  The residence hall that reduces the most, by percentage, will receive a prize day.  The Office of Sustainability will promote conservation of energy practices and behaviors across the campus.  The Office of Sustainability will update results of the winning residence hall weekly through emails and posters. 
  • Where: CSB Campus
  • When: November 3rd- 24th
  • Prizes: A day of chocolate fondue, lip balm making, and professional massages!

Food Day!

When: Wednesday, October 24th, 2013There will be tabling in Gorecki from 3-7pm put on by Sustainability Alliance, Institute for Women's Leadership, Minnesota Street Market, Common Ground Garden, Central Minnesota Sustainability Project, and the Nutrition club.At 4pm and 5:30pm there will be showings of "A Place at the Table".Then there will be an Intro to Community Kitchen Program followed by Parker Wheatley on the Farm Bill and SNAP program at 7pm.Food day is sponsored by the Nutrition Club, Community Kitchen, and the CSB Office of Sustainability.

Resource Fair

The Sophomore Residential Life staff will be hosting a Resource Fair on November 14th from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM in the Lottie, Margretta, and Brian residence halls. At this Resource Fair the Eco-Reps will be represented.  Those who attend will have the chance to get to know them and address them with any questions about the Eco-Reps program.  


Climate change is real.  The effects are real.  It will take real leadership, real motivation, and real change to help stop this crisis and win back our future.  Be one of over 10,000 powerful young climate leaders fighting for this change as Powershift 2013 marches on Pittsburgh October 18-21.  The Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Alliance are organizing a trip to this great event.  If you are interested, email [email protected].  If you would like more information regarding Powershift check out their website here at www.wearepowershift.org.

 Sustainability and Sports


Student-Run Greenhouse

A group of students are creating a student run greenhouse to grow food that will be used in Gorecki. The greenhouse is currently under construction and will be completed early this Fall. For more information contact Stephanie Pinkalla. Interested in helping out? Click Here!


First Year Survey shows support for Sustainability

Assessing First Year Student Campus Awareness, Literacy, and Habits Regarding Sustainability Issues. Check out the results here. 



Mary Wood, Sustainability Intern, is creating a program that will allow students in the residence halls to compost their waste on campus. Students will be responsible for collecting their own compost and bringing it to a compost site on campus. Email us with questions and learn how you can start composting.




CSB and SJU are now part of a rideshare system! Need a ride, or need any passengers? Check out www.zimride.com on how to register for free! 








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