Eco Reps

We are proud to say that this is our fifth year of having EcoReps on campus at CSB.  We have grown each year, beginning with only 4 and now have 30 Bennies promoting a sustainable life style in the residence halls.

Eco-Reps are first-year and sophomore bennies who volunteer in their residence halls to promote awareness about sustainability by distributing information, and coordinating activities.  Goals of our program include:

  1. To foster student creativity through program development that promotes community and communication in social sustainability, efficiency and resource conservation in economic sustainability, and respect and stewardship in ecological sustainability.
  2. To educate students about their environmental impact, ultimately influencing and changing lifestyles and habits.
  3. To foster student leadership through event planning and organization, open and peer-to-peer interactions, and through guided personal development.


  • Set a live-in example of sustainability
  • Design and display a monthly bulletin board
  • Advertise and maintain FREEBOX
  • Attend monthly meetings and semester training sessions
  • Meet with RAs once a week, RDs once a month, and with other Eco-Reps as needed to complete tasks
  • Plan an event once a semester to engage students in sustainability related issues
  • Communicate with peers, addressing questions about sustainability
  • Collaborate with student groups to promote health and well being
  • Join in on many other creative and fun activities 

Current and Former Eco-Reps

Eco-Reps 2013-2014: Niesha Ford, Sarah McLarnan, Emily Reimer, Frida Alvarez, Sarah Thayer, Sarah Haas, Lexi Bernstein, Claire Madden, Megan Lundquist, Danielle Schlender, and CJ Pettinger. Not pictured: Anais Wittrock, Madi Sundlof, Bao Yang, Erin Medvecz, and Esther Banaian. 

Eco-Reps 2012-2013: Emily Reimer, Erin Medvecz, Sarah Evans, Emily Gould, Megan Lundquist, Kelsey Maas, and Danielle Schlender.

Not pictured: Mai Cua Yang, Katie Spoden, Haleigh Linn, Madi Sundlof, Siri Berg-Moberg, and Ester Banaian. 

Eco-Reps 2011-2012: Emily Reimer, Erin Medvecz, Emily Gould, Sarah Evans, Hannah Haas, Mai Cua Yang, and Katie Spoden. 

Eco-Reps 2010-2011: Briana Daniels, Emily Reimer, Katie Spoden, and Lindsey Envall.

Interested in becoming an Eco-Rep? Look for emails in the late summer and early fall to apply.