Sustain Abroad

Take these steps to understand the intersections between service-learning, education abroad, and sustainability

Deciding where to go
  • Check out the options of programs.  Take the time to educate and learn about the differences among the programs.  To learn about the various study abroad programs with components in sustainability take a look at the list of options.
Before you go
  • Become a  Green Passport member, join the CSB/SJU Green Passport Group, and take the pledge. The Green Passport pledge notes the interconnectedness of  people and nature throughout the world and asks members to compare and integrate their abroad experience into their life at home, and to reduce their ecological impact throughout their experience. Learn more about the Green Passport Program on their website.
  • Understand your lifestyle at home. Take this ecological footprint quiz and answer questions about your lifestyle to calculate your resource use. Record your results in your travel journal or documents. At the end of your abroad experience, take this quiz again for your lifestyle abroad and compare your results.
While Abroad
  • Use the SustainAbroad tips to live more sustainably abroad.
  • Volunteer abroad with a credible organization with an issue you are interested in.
  • Make contacts for work or volunteer opportunities in the future, or simply to maintain friendships.
Upon Return
  • Take the ecological footprint quiz again and compare the results of your lifestyle before your abroad experience with your lifestyle during your abroad experience.
  • Reflect on your experience abroad.  Did you live up to your the Green Passport pledge? Reread your journal. Look at your pictures. Talk with people you traveled with. What aspects of the experience changed you? What practices do you want to integrate into your lifestyle now back at home? Make a list of action items to infuse your abroad experience in your life.
  • Post about a sustainability related experience on the Green Passport page. Express yourself through a few sentences in a blog or through photos.
  • Volunteer at home with an organization that deals with the same issues you worked with while abroad.