Sustainability & Resilience Revolving Fund

CSB’s Sustainability & Resilience Revolving Fund (SRRF) provides financial capital to support innovative projects proposed by members of the CSB/SJU community which promote sustainability and resilience at CSB by increasing conservation and efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of resources, and creating valuable educational opportunities. The SRRF will be self-sustaining and perpetuated through the reinvestment of the cost savings generated through its projects. As the fund grows over time, it can support even more projects!

The SRRF aims to:

  • Empower students, faculty, staff, administrators, and others in the CSB/SJU community to be proactive and engaged in creating a more sustainable and resilient world.
  • Provide a mechanism that CSB can use to invest in itself by capitalizing on the long-term profitability of conservation, efficiency, sustainability, and resilience projects.
  • Cover the initial costs of these projects while securing the financial return they produce to fund future initiatives, making such projects increasingly more feasible over time.
  • Demonstrate that investment in sustainability and resilience projects is an influential method of practicing fiscal responsibility.
  • Catalyze the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with an ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.
  • Model advantageous approaches to sustainability and resilience for other educational institutions, organizations, businesses, governmental bodies, and individuals in our local, regional, state, national, and global communities.

Any member of the CSB/SJU community may propose a project!

  • Step 1: Read the SRRF Charter in full – understanding the nuances of the SRRF will help you develop a successful proposal.
  • Step 2: Develop your project proposal using the SRRF Proposal Form (an editable PDF) – if you have questions along the way, the CSB Sustainability Office can provide guidance.
  • Step 3: Submit your proposal below. The CSB Sustainability Office will receive it, review it, and work with you until your proposal is satisfactorily thorough.
  • Step 4: The CSB Sustainability Office will accept your proposal and send it to the SRRF Committee members for individual review.
  • Step 5: The SRRF Committee will meet to discuss and vote on approving funding for proposals. It is highly recommended you attend this meeting to represent your project!

2020 Timeline for Proposals

The SRRF Committee will meet to vote on proposals on April 7th from 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. Your proposal must be accepted by the Sustainability Office at least one week prior to the meeting so that SRRF Committee members have time for individual review. Please keep in mind that your proposal may require revisions before it can be accepted by the Sustainability Office, and plan your submission accordingly. You are strongly encouraged to submit your proposal in October in case major revisions are required - you can resubmit your proposal in November, instead of waiting until the following semester.

Are you ready to submit your proposal?