Green Fund

The CSB Green Fund is an annual fund that serves as a resource to support sustainability initiatives generated by students, faculty, staff, and the monastic community, benefiting the campus and overall college community. This includes the work of the CSB Sustainability Office, which works to promote and coordinate most sustainability efforts. This fund should be used to add value to the sustainability program rather than for purposes of budget relief.

The CSB Green Fund will be used for the following purposes:

  • Projects should promote environmental sustainability at CSB.
  • Projects should contribute to the goals of Strategic Directions & Sustainability Directions, while connecting to CSB's Benedictine Values.
  • If a project will provide cost savings with a payback period of 5 years or less once implemented, it should be proposed to the Sustainability & Resilience Revolving Fund instead.


Any member of the CSB/SJU community may propose a project!

  • Step 1: Develop your project proposal using the Green Fund Proposal Form (an editable PDF) – if you have questions along the way, the CSB Sustainability Office can provide guidance. Please consult with the CSB Sustainability Office prior to submitting a proposal that would request greater than $500.
  • Step 2: Submit your proposal below. The CSB Sustainability Office will receive it, review it, and work with you until your proposal is satisfactorily thorough.
  • Step 3: The CSB Sustainability Office will accept your proposal and send it to members of the Sustainability Councils for individual review.
  • Step 4: The CSB Sustainability Council will meet to discuss and vote on approving funding for proposals. It is highly recommended you attend this meeting to represent your project!

Are you ready to submit your proposal?