Student Stories

This spring, we reached to CSB/SJU students to answer one of the following questions:

  1. How are you getting outdoors during COVID-19?
  2. What is your favorite outdoor memory?
  3. What does nature mean to you?

The responses were beautiful, inspiring, and showed off the passion CSB/SJU students have for the environment. With their approval, we are sharing several responses here.

How are you getting outdoors during COVID19? I’ve been running around lakes near my house, waving at others passing by while maintaining the 6-foot distance. It’s been only pleasurable getting to forest-bathe as well around the woodland lakes! - Young Cardinal

How are you getting outdoors during COVID19? As I write this, I am sitting in my tent that I set up in my backyard yesterday. I can hear birds chirping and I feel the wind on my back every time a gust blows against the sides of the tent and my heart is full because of it. Earlier today, I sat outside and soaked up the sun while laying in the grass. There are little moments of peace amongst the chaos--it's important to cherish them. Besides finding the beauty in the nature right outside my door, I've been going on lots of walks and getting out on my bike with my family quite a bit. 

What is one of your favorite outdoor memories? The outdoors have always been a huge part of my life and so many of my favorite memories from throughout my life come from outdoors experiences. My legs haven't been without mysterious scratches and bruises from endless adventures since I was a toddler. As a kid, my sister and I would climb in the trees in our yard and rig up elaborate systems of bungee cords throughout the tree to pretend we were real adventurers. I spent my summers digging behind our playhouse to see how many worms we could find in the day. Having dirt under my nails didn't disgust me--it fueled me. - Sara Holmes 

What is one of your favorite outdoor memories? One of my favorite outdoor memories is when the Ghost Ranch Spring break group of 2019 went on a long day hike to the top of a small mountain. I felt so at peace with nature. I felt powerful and empowered.

How are you getting outdoors during COVID19? During COVID-19 I have been making it a point to try and get outside once a day. Sometimes I fulfill that goal and sometimes I don’t, but I do different things. Some days I sit on the front step of my house and sunbathe during class or while doing homework. Sometimes I go on a run around the block. Sometimes I go on walks around the block or I take the time to go to a nearby park and walk there.

 What does nature mean to you? Abby submitted two wonderful poems to describe her relationship with nature.