2020 Week of Sustainability

Schedule of Events and Themes

Monday, October 26th - Sustainable Foods

  • Meatless Monday in Gorecki Dining Center and The Refectory 

  • Drop by to learn more about composting on campus with Community Kitchen 
    • Time: 8am-12pm
    • Location: Gorecki Fireside Tabling
  • OZZI Reusable Containers in McGlynn's - Pick up your token at our tabling session and tune into the info session Monday night!
    • Time(Tabling)  1pm-4pm in McGlynn's (Presentation) 7pm 
    • Location(Presentation) Zoom Link 

Tuesday, October 27th - Climate Politics and Justice 

  • Dialogue on Care for Creation with Campus Ministries REGISTER HERE
    • Description: : This event is a place to discuss how faith informs our ideas and actions towards climate justice, sustainability, and care for creation. We will start discussion promptly at noon, so please be there with your lunch a few minutes early, ready to listen and share. Register now, limited space available. 
    • Time: 12pm-1pm
    • Location: SJU Quad 264 
  • Letter Writing with Sustainability Alliance, Climate Justice Club and Extending the Link 
    • Time: 4pm-5:30pm
    • Location: Gorecki Fireside Tabling 

Wednesday, October 28th - Think Local! 

  • Seed Collection and Dispersal with OutdoorU 
    • Description: Come help restore an Oak Savanna with Outdoor U! We will collect and disperse prairie seeds. We will hike out to the prairie and walk through prairie grasses, so dress accordingly (long pants and socks). You will also learn about some of the history of the Saint John’s Abbey Arboretum!
    • Time: 10am-12pm
    • Location: Meet in New Science Center Parking Lot  
  • Sustainability Tours : Join us for a tour of sustainability initiatives at CSB&SJU to learn how these projects are contributing to our sustainable campus and community. 
    • CSB Sustainability Tour with Rachel Brodeur, Sustainability Coordinator
      • Time: 1pm
      • Location: Meet Outside Clemens Library 
    • SJU Sustainability Tour with Kyle Rauch, OutdoorU 
      • Time: 3:30pm
      • Location: Meet outside the McKeown Center in Flynntown
  • Climate Justice Club Virtual Meeting 
    • Description: Join to learn more about what Climate Justice Club is all about, with a spcific focus on Climate Voting!
    • Time: 5pm
    • Location: Zoom Link
  • Natural History Museum Open House 
    • Description: Learn about the natural history of Saint John's and discover the museum on campus! 
    • Time: 7pm
    • Location: New Science Center 150 

Thursday, October 29th - Intersectionality in Sustainability 

  • Student Tips for Inclusive Community Organizing  
  • Local Foods Showcased in The Refectory 
    • Time: Lunch Hours
    • Description: Remembering the lives of our LGBTQIA2S+ brothers, sisters, siblings, friends, family, ancestors, and otehrs. We walk for social sustainability, justice, an on-campus resource center and more. Social distancing and masks required. 
    • Time: 4pm 
    • Location: CSB Campus

Friday, October 30th - Personal Sustainability 

  • Green Office Open House
    • Time: 10am-11:30am
    • Location: Stop by the CSB Sustainability Office or join via Zoom
  • Knitting Club Event
    • Description: Come knit with us!! Learn creative ways to mend your old clothing, make some of your own, or simply enjoy a cozy fireside moment filled with knitters! 
    • 3pm-5pm 
    • Location: Gorecki Fireside

  • "Grounds on the Ground" with SSJ and PRP 
    • Description: How are humans related to the soil? Walk, drink coffee and connect to the Earth!
    • Time: 4pm
    • Location: Meet on CSB Mall for a walk though the CSB Arboretum

  • Film Showing and Discussion with Environmental Studies
    • Description: Watch Al Gore's Film, "An Inconvenient Sequel" and have a guided discussion following. 
    • Time: 6pm
    • Location: Zoom Link 

Saturday, October 31st 

  • Intersectionality Expo with CSB/SJU Senates
    • Time: 11am-1pm
    • Location: SJU