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Looking for a full-time, meaninful, service-based position after graduation? Then MN GreenCorps is for YOU! The CSB Sustainability Office is one of 44 host sites around the state and will be working on waste reduction and food waste management on campus. 

Apply today and learn more at : 


CSB Sustainability Seal

Broadly defined, sustainability means meeting society's present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As a Catholic, Benedictine institution, the College of Saint Benedict accepts that all creation is a gift; in exchange we are expected to care for creation and provide stewardship for the entire community of life on Earth. Our commitment to this stewardship, by definition, incorporates the principles of sustainability: our actions should be ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable today and should continue to be so for future generations. 

As an institution committed to the Benedictine tradition and the principles of sustainability, we work to emphasize and embed these concepts into our educational mission, the operation of the physical campus, and our outreach to communities beyond the college.

CSB Sustainability Newsletter - February 2020

CSB Sustainability Newsletter February 2020

CSB Sustainability Newsletter February 2020