Vice President


Sydney Robinson

Name: Sydney Robinson

Year: Senior

Position: Vice President

Studying: English – Creative Writing

Why did you join Senate: I joined Senate because I wanted to give underrepresented Bennies a voice on campus. I want all voices and standpoints on campus to be represented in a place where their voices are usually looked over or ignored. I like Bennie able to look up and see someone from the same background as them in positions like Senate to know their opinions will be heard.

How long have you been on Senate: Two Years.

Favorite study spot on campus: Clemens' Perk Study Booths.

Other activities on campus: Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring, National Society for Leadership Board, Class of 2019 Representative, Bennie Career Closet Student Manager, & Men's Development institution Script Writer.

Email: [email protected]

Vice President Duties:

  • Have one vote.
  • Serve as a member of the Executive Board.
  • Serve as a member of the Saint Ben’s Senate for two semesters.
  • Serve as Parliamentarian.
  • Act as President in the absence or at the request of the President.
  • Chair the Judicial Board if the Trustee is unable to.
  • Maintain a working relationship with the office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Maintain an efficient working relationship with the Saint John’s Senate, specifically with the Saint John’s Senate Vice President.
  • Interview, select, oversee, and manage efficiency of the Executive Assistant.
  • Coordinate the fall retreat with the Saint Ben’s Senate Executive Board and Senate Advisors.
  • Oversee and review weekly board reports to monitor senator activity and assist when necessary.  
  • Appoint a senator to be a representative on the Fine Arts Programming Board.
  • Receive 5-6 hour work award through the Student Employment Position through the Student Development Office.