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Student Activities Representative

Zelda Wear

Grade: Junior
Position: Executive Assistant
Other things you're involved with on campus: JEC, TA for the psych department, Tour guide, & Prospective Student Relations Assistant
Why did you decide to join senate: I wanted to make a difference around our campuses and I have always wanted to be a part of the senate.
How long have you been on senate: This is my first semester on the CSB Senate.
Favorite study spot: I love studying in the Clemens Library or Clemens Perk.
Favorite thing about CSB/SJU: I love the community, the people, the profs, and all of the activities to get involved in around campus.

Student Activities Representative Duties:

A. Have one vote.
B. Co-Chair the Joint Club Board with the Saint John's Senate Joint Club Chair.
C. Meet with the Club Allocations Chair to discuss club issues as needed.
D. Attend an all-club gathering each year for club officers in conjunction with the JCB, CFB,
and the Student Activities Office.
E. Promote and facilitate discussion and awareness of club issues with the Saint Ben's Senate.
F. Act as a liaison between the Student Activity Leadership and Development Department, and
the Saint Ben's Senate. .
G. Meet bi-monthly with the staff of the Student Activities/Leadership Development Department
to discuss club issues and activities to report to the Saint Ben's Senate.
H. Meet regularly with the Director of Student Activities, the JCB Advisor, and the Dean of
Students about club issues and senior events.
I. Act as the liaison to Student Activities & Leadership Development in the planning of
Community BBQ, Mother/Daughter Brunch, Father/Daughter Dance, and Senior Farewell.
J. Act as liaison between the Joint Events Council and the Saint Ben's Senate.
K. Coordinate and set-up for the Involvement Fair during the fall term.
L. Receive a $250 stipend