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Public Relations Representative

Jamie Weekley

Grade: Junior
Position: Public Relations Representative

Other activities you are involved in on campus: Prospective Student Relations Assistant in the Admissions Office
Why you chose to join senate: I am on Senate because it is a place for strong women to help out their peers and share awesome ideas, as well as make a difference. Also, Public Relations is what I want to do after college, and I feel that this is a great learning opportunity.
How long have you been on the senate: This is my second year as a CSB Senator
Your favorite study spot: My favorite thing about CSBSJU is the tight knit community
Favorite thing about CSB/SJU: My favorite thing about CSBSJU is the tight knit community feel. Everyone here has a purpose and looks out for each other. Everyone here just wants to succeed.

Public Relations Represenative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.
B.     Be a member of the Executive Board.
C.     Be a member of the Saint Ben’s Senate for the full term.
D.     Distribute press releases and campus media to the student body, as needed.
E.      Oversee the Public Relations Assistant in updating the SBS public and private SharePoint pages.
F.      Be a resource to the senate for facilities, posting policies, printing and advertising SBS sponsored events through email and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
G.     Email student body of SBS weekly agendas and SBS announcements.
H.     Coordinate the SBS Open and Special Elections.
I.        Coordinate a SBS Public Relations Campaign.
J.       Coordinate Bennie Day in conjunction with the Community Representative.
K.     Arrange an activity for Little Sibs Weekend.
L.      Assist the Underclassmen Representative in orientation planning.
M.    Communicate directly with the President and Vice President regarding all SBS public information and its appropriate distribution.
N.     Compile weekly submissions to The Record and send to PR Assistant to then be forwarded to the newspaper editors.
O.     Serve as a member of the Marketing and Enrollment Committee on the Board of Trustees.
P.      Oversee the PR Assistant in conjunction with the President.
Q.     Serve as the Webpage Designer to the SBS. The SBS will provide training through IT services if needed.
R.     Responsible for ordering SBS items and communicating with the Treasurer for spending updates.
S.      Plan monthly “Snacks with the Senators” events.