Public Relations Representative


Paola Popoca

Name: Paola Popoca

Year: Senior

Studying: Communication and Global Business Leadership

Position: Public Relations Representative

Why did you join Senate: I joined senate because I knew it would push me out of comfort zone to achieve things that I hadn't had the courage to do. I love doing PR work, so being able to put in practice one of my passions for an amazing organization has been a goal of mine for the last couple of years. I also hope to continue working towards improving our CSB/SJU community by using our senate platform. I am excited to serve the student body and hope to create a long-lasting, representation of SBS that showcases everyone's hardwork. 

Where do you see yourself in 20 years: I see myself working towards becoming a chief marketing officer or owning a business related to marketing. I hope to be traveling extensively and own the house of my dreams. I want to be a role-model for others, so I will work with people in my community to help them achieve their dreams.

Email: [email protected]

Public Relations Represenative Duties:

  • Have one vote.
  • Serve as a member of the Executive Board. 
  • Serve as a member of the Saint Ben’s Senate for two semesters. 
  • Send communication messages to the student body when the Saint Ben’s Senate intends to share a formal statement on an issue or event. 
  • Oversee the Public Relations Assistant in updating the Saint Ben’s Senate webpage on the school website. 
  • Serve as a resource on advertising Saint Ben’s Senate sponsored events and programs via email and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). reserve the brand of the Saint Ben’s Senate when distributing information on all communication platforms. 
  • Publicize the Saint Ben’s Senate’s weekly agendas and announcements to the tudent body over email and social media.
  • Coordinate General and Special Elections for the Saint Ben’s Senate 
  • Coordinate a Saint Ben’s Senate Public Relations Campaign.
  • Promote and assist with Bennie Day in conjunction with the Community Representative. 
  • Assist the Underclass Representative in planning fall orientation activities.
  • Communicate directly with the President and Vice President regarding all Saint Ben’s Senate public information and its appropriate distribution. 
  • Oversee and delegate tasks to the Public Relations Assistant in conjunction with the President. 
  • Receive training from Information Technology Services to help the Public Relations Assistant update the CSB Senate website. 
  • Be responsible for ordering Saint Ben’s Senate items and communicating with the Treasurer for spending updates. 
  • Plan monthly Senate visibility events if no other Senate-organized events take place that month. 
  • Meet with the Public Relations Assistant as needed.