Public Relations Assistant

Rojas headshot

Brenda Rojas

Name: Brenda Rojas 


Position: Public Relations Assistant

Why did you join Senate

Favorite spot on campus:

Public Relations Assistant Duties:

  • Be a current CSB student selected through an application and interview process.
  • Serve as the Saint Ben’s Senate webpage designer in coordination with the Public Relations Representative and the President.
  • Develop and design the Saint Ben’s Senate webpage to creatively and clearly communicate with the CSB students and greater community.
  • Post-election and candidate information.  
  • Attend to updates and maintenance of webpage as needed.
  • Post minutes from each meeting online.
  • Post committee work, Senate accomplishments, and goals throughout each semester.
  • Aid Public Relations Representative with all publications including, but not limited to, emails posters, flyers, etc.
  • Meet once a week with Public Relations Representative as needed
  • Report directly to the Public Relations Representative and President.