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First Year Representative

Chelsea Ricker

Name: First Year
Grade: First Year Representative
Position: Club Auditor
Other activities you are involved in on campus: I am also and iLead scholar and in chamber choir.
Why you chose to join senate: I am on senate because I love supporting the CSB community and helping my classmates. I also love learning more about leadership and developing and practicing leadership skills!
How long have you been on the senate: This is my first semester of being on Senate.
Your favorite study spot: My favorite spot to study is in my dorm room but I also love Clemens library.
Favorite thing about CSB/SJU: My favorite part about CSB is the community of Bennies. I also love the small class sizes allow us to get to know not only everyone in our classes but the professors as well!

First Year Representative Duties:

A. Be a current first year student at CSB.
B. Have one vote starting second semester.
C. Act as a liaison between first year students and the Saint Ben's Senate.
D. Assist the Underclass Representative with events, committees and task forces pertaining to
first year students.
E. Be a member of the Culinary Task Force.
F. Meet with the President and Vice President of the Saint Ben's Senate monthly.
G. Oversee the maintenance of Mary Commons.
H. Create one event in collaboration with the Saint John's Senate First Year Representatives for
first year students
I. Update the first year class with senate related events and projects.
J. Receive a $250 stipend effective second semester.