First Year Representative

Macy Ellis

Name: Macy Ellis
Year: First Year
Studying: English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Minoring in Book Arts.
Position: First Year Representative
Why did you join Senate: I joined Senate because I wanted to help first year students have a voice and I’m passionate about sharing their interests.
Favorite spot on campus: Clemens Library

First Year Representative Duties:

  •  Be a current first year student at CSB. 
  • Have one vote 
  • Act as a liaison between first year students and the Saint Ben’s Senate. 
  • Communicate important resources and information to first year students through Facebook. 
  • Work on events, committees and task forces pertaining to first year students.
  • Serve as a member of the Culinary Task Force. 
  • Meet with the President and Vice President of the Saint Ben’s Senate monthly.
  • Be in charge of the “Weekly Words of Wisdom” project. 
  • Hold open forums (one per semester) for first years with Under Class Representative to address any first-year concerns.