Executive Assistant

Montserrat Alejandre

Name: Montserrat Alejandre

Year: First-Year

Position: Executive Assistant 

Executive Assistant Duties:

  • Be a current CSB student.
  • Complete the Executive Assistant application and interview for the position with the President and Vice President.
  • Record, process and e-mail minutes from Saint Ben’s Senate meetings.
  • Distribute documents at Saint Ben’s Senate meetings, including agendas and other relevant supporting paperwork.
  • Maintain adequate supplies in the Saint Ben’s Senate office.
  • Maintain a file of all Saint Ben’s Senate minutes, letters, notices, and other correspondence documents.  After three years maturation, place files in the archives.
  • Relay necessary information to the PR Representative to inform and reach the larger CSB/SJU community.
  • Report directly to the Vice President monthly.
  • Email unapproved minutes to all senators for review by the Tuesday before all Saint Ben’s Senate meetings.