Cultural Affairs Representative


Sadé Larson

Name: Sadé Larson

Year: Junior

Position: Cultural Affairs Representative

Studying: Psychology and Hispanic Studies 

Why did you join Senate: I joined senate because I wanted to be able to be proactive about changes the students and I wanted to see on CSB's campus. I wanted to be able to hear the voice of my peers and work with some pretty amazing people.

Email: [email protected]

Cultural Affairs Representative Duties:

  • Have one vote.
  • Report and promote Cultural Affairs Board activities and issues to the Saint Ben’s Senate and Vice President.
  • Report Saint Ben’s Senate activities to the Cultural Affairs Board.
  • Meet with administrators from the offices of Admissions and Student Development.
  • Meet with the Director of the Intercultural and International Student Services Department.
  • Attend meetings and events of other cultural clubs.
  • Collaborate and promote working relationships with other cultural clubs.
  • Work with the Intercultural and international Student Services Department to coordinate events with Saint Ben’s Senate.