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Community Representative

Sarah Berry

Grade: Senior
Positions: Community Representative
Other Activities: IWL Hynes Scholars Coordinator, Study Abroad Ambassador, Benedictine Friends
Why Senate: I chose to join Senate because I wanted to fully immerse myself in representing and supporting the CSBSJU community.
How Long: This is my first year on Senate.
Favorite Study Spot: The Local Blend
Favorite Things About CSBSJU: The array of activities you can be involved in!

Community Representative Duties:

A.     Have one vote.
B.     Attend the Alumnae Board Committee meetings.
C.     Serve as a liaison between the St. Joseph community, the alumnae, the monastery, the Saint Ben’s Community, and the SBS.
D.     Coordinate the Feast of Saint Benedict in collaboration with the director of CSB Campus Ministries.
E.     Attend St. Joseph City Council meetings.
F.     Coordinate “Bennie Day” with a SBS committee.
G.     Develop a working relationship with the St. Joseph Mayor and the City Park Board.
H.     Regulate the sales of Bennie shirts.
I.     Plan and coordinate an annual charity event.
J.     Serve on the Bookstore Advisory Board.