Community Representative

hamak head shot

Liz Hamak

Name: Liz Hamak 

Year: Sophomore

Position: Community Representative

Studying: Communication and Theology

Why did you join senate: I joined senate because I wanted to create positive change on campus and be surrounded by strong and powerful women

Favorite spot on campus: Lake Sag!

Community Representative Duties:

  • Have one vote.
  • Attend all Alumnae Board Committee meetings and develop a working relationship with the director of the Alumnae Association.
  • Act as a liaison between the Saint Ben’s Senate, CSB students, CSB alumnae, Sisters of Saint Benedict and St. Joseph community.
  • Coordinate the annual Feast of Saint Benedict event in collaboration with a Saint Ben’s Senate committee and the Director of CSB Campus Ministry. 
  • Coordinate the annual Bennie Day event in collaboration with a Saint Ben’s Senate Committee, Public Relations Representative and director of Alumnae Relations. 
  • Design Bennie Day shirts in conjunction with SALD graphic artist and regulate shirt sales during and after the annual Bennie Day event.
  • Meet with City of Saint Joseph's leadership at least once a semester. 
  • Attend St. Joseph City Council meetings at least once a semester. 
  • Coordinate an annual community service event (Bennie Day of Service) with a Saint Ben’s Senate committee.
  • Lead the Community Events Committee in partnership with SJS Community Representative as needed. 
  • Attend all Bookstore Advisory Board meetings.