Club Auditor

Amira Elmi, Emily Khang, & Zeng "Echo" Jia

Name: Amira Elmi

Year: Sophomore

Studying: Political Science

Position: Club Auditor

How long have you been on Senate: This is my first year on Senate.

Favorite study spot on campus: My favorite study spot is at SJU Alum Hall right across the lounge. There are two comfy chairs that allow me to relax and study.

Why did you join Senate: I wanted to advocate passionately for those who needed a voice. Many of my peers/mentors suggested senate because it was the best opportunity that allowed me to help the whole student body.

Other activities on campus: On campus I'm also on JSMA, Element, a Student Ambassador , Model UN and involved with Benedictine Friends.

Email: [email protected]

Name: Emily Khang

Year: First-Year

Position: Club Auditor

How long have you been on Senate: This is my first year on Senate.

Email: [email protected]

Name: Zeng "Echo" Jia

Year: Junior

Position: Club Auditor

Email: [email protected]

Club Auditor Duties:

  • Have one vote.
  • Serve as a member of the Co-Funding Board for the entire academic year.
  • Conduct and report monthly audits of appointed clubs in accordance with Co-Funding Board guidelines.
  • Report misuse of allocated funds to the Club Allocations Chair.
  • Report indebted clubs to the Club Allocations Chair or the Saint Ben’s Senate as needed.
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with club officers.
  • Must abide by Co-Funding Board guidelines, when sitting on the Co-Funding Board.
  • Be restricted from holding the office of treasurer in a club that one audits.
  • Be restricted from auditing a club one participates in.
  • One (1) Club Auditor must serve as a member of the Joint Club Board.
  • One (1) Club Auditor must maintain a direct relationship with CSB-only club treasurers, conducting monthly audits, and approve funding by Saint Ben’s Senate in accordance with Co-Funding Board guidelines.
  • Freeze club funding if clubs have not submitted an audit by the 15th of the month at their discretion.
  • Submit all agenda requests to the CFB Email Account & Chairwoman by Sunday at 5PM for Monday’s meeting.
  • Receive a $250 stipend per semester.