2020 Senate Elections

In light of the current situation, we have made adjustments to our election procedure. All decisions have been made in order to provide an equitable system for Bennies who wish to run for Senate. The following provides a detailed explanation of dates and requirements: 

Senate Election Application 

Video Guidelines

Campaigning Guidlines 2020

General Timeline: 

Application will open on April 7th at 8:00am and close on April 18th at 8:00pm 

  • April 8th: Virtual info session at 7:30pm (CT)
  • April 19th: Candidates will be announced via Social Media 
  • Noon on April 19th: Candidates may start campaigning   
  • April 22nd at 7:30pm(CT)Q&A session with the candidates (mandatory for all candidates to attend)
  • April 24thElection Day 8:00am-8:00pm
  • April 26thElection results will be released via social media 
  • April 26th: Virtual inauguration will take place 

Detailed Explanation of Candidate Requirements:

  • Applicants will fill out a forms manager to ensure that they have read through the constitution and position duties. This will also give us a general understanding of who they are and why they wish to run for Senate.  
  • As part of the application process, candidates are required to submit a self-promotional video. This video will address why they are interested in running for Senate, what makes them qualified applicantetc. Find video guidelines here. Student running split ticket can either individually submit a video or turn in one joint video. 
  • On April 8th at 7:30pm (CT) the Senate will host a virtual information session. In this session we will go over election details and answer any questions.
  • Students will turn in their application and promotional video by 8pm on April 18th via forms manager. 
  • Candidates will be announced via Social Media on April 19th.
  • At Noon on April 19th candidates will officially begin their own campaigning. The Senate intends to release the Candidates promotional video on this day via our website 
  • Candidates are required to attend the virtual Q&A session on April 22nd, the student body will have the opportunity to ask candidates question regarding their platform, campaign, and goals. 
  • Voting will take place on April 24th, the link to the ballot will be available on our website and promoted on social media platforms. 
  • Election results will be released via social media on April 26th. Candidates will be informed of results prior to this date.
  • Virtual inauguration will take place on April 26thwe will do our part to make this a special moment for all newly elected Senators. Inauguration will also give newly elected Senators a chance to meet with the current Senator to go over position details and transition notes.  

We thank you for your patience as we transition to virtual elections. As you may have noted most of the election information will go out via social media platforms. The reason for this is, we have limited access to sending mass emails. We ask that you follow and check our pages for the latest’s updates. Should you have any additional question please email the Saint Ben’s Senate email account.