Resource Hunt


Welcome to the CashCourse Resource Hunt.  We hope you find it useful as you consider your financial future at CSB/SJU and afterwards. 

Use the CashCourse Site to answer as many of the 15 questions correctly as you can to be eligible for a drawing for one of the following prizes. (You must be a current CSB/SJU Student to be eligible for the prizes). Contest closed December 5, 2011. Thank You!.

1. $100 bookstore gift card (1 prize)

2. $50 bookstore gift card (2 prizes)

3. $25 bookstore gift cards (6 prizes)

Answer the questions below by checking the box(s) to the left, or type your answer in the space provided. Choose the "NEXT" button to view the correct answer from CashCourse, Choose "NEXT" again to see the following question.

Thank You.

1. What four steps does CashCourse recommend for creating a budget or “spending plan”?