How to set up Authorized Users

Instructions on how to set up Authorized Users:

In order for you to set up an Authorized User, you will need to log on to Banner Self-Service. Authorized Users are people that the student sets up to have access to their account information and to make payments on their behalf. Authorized Users do not have access to the student's personal stored payment methods, academic records or other personal information. Only the student can set up Authorized Users. Please ensure that you have completed this important step.

To access Banner Self-Service:

Go to the Web site:

Choose Banner Web Self-Service (CSB Students)

Enter your Network Username

Enter your Network Password

Select Login

(This brings you to the Banner Self Service)

Select Student Services

Select Student Account

Select My Account

This will take you to the eBilling home page.

On the top of the page on the left side under our logo, you will find a row of the following tabs:

My Account, Make Payment, Help

To add authorized users, select Authorized Users on the right side of the screen under My Profile Setup

From this page, you can give others the ability to access your account information. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to your stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.

*You have the ability to add more than one Authorized Users.

Enter the email address of the authorized user.

Choose whether or not your authorized user can view your billing statement.         

Choose whether or not your authorized user can view your payment history.

Select the Continue button.

Please read the statement carefully after you finish. When you are done, check I Agree and then select Continue.

 At this point, you may add other Authorized Users if you would like.

This will take you to the Authorized Users confirmation page. An email message has been sent to the email you provided with instructions on how to login and view billing information. The email will provide a link to the login page for Authorized Users as well as the user name and temporary password. To add another Authorized User, click on the Add an Authorized User button. Complete the fields as before.

From the Authorized Users tab you can also edit and delete Authorized Users. To edit or delete an authorized user, select Edit or Delete under the Action column. Please note that when you delete an Authorized User, that person will no longer be able to make payments to your account. Any scheduled or automatic payments by that person that have not already been applied will be canceled.

•·        To update an email address for an Authorized User, you will need to delete the user and set them up again with the new email address.