Refund Schedule

Refunds of tuition, fees, room,and board are made according to the following schedule for students who withdraw by formal application to the appropriate campus office:

100% refund for students withdrawing before the first day of classes;
90% for withdrawing through the 5th day of classes;
80% from the 6th through 10th day;
70% from the 11th through 15th day;
60% from the 16th through 20th day;
50% from the 21st through 25th day; and
40% from the 26th through 30th day.

The charges for tuition, fees, room, and board will be reduced based on the percentages listed above.

If a student withdraws after the 30th day of classes, there is no refund. The date used to calculate the refund will be: in the case of official withdrawal, the date of withdrawal; in the case of unofficial withdrawal, the drop-out date which can be documented, but not more than 30 days prior to the current date.