Why did the college make the change to eBills ?

The Student Accounts Office at the College of Saint Benedict uses eBilling as the official billing process for the college. Some of the advantages to eBilling are:

Billing statements are received immediately after processing, eliminating mailing time and allowing more time for the students and Authorized Users to plan.

Electronic payments are posted to the account immediately.

Electronic payments are able to be made 24/7 and will no longer rely on office hours.

Increased privacy and security.

Available world wide via the Internet.You may request that multiple "Authorized Users" have access to your bill. View the billing and payment history on an account.

Environmentally friendly and supports the efforts of the college to be Sustainable. Contributes to budget savings which indirectly affect the cost of tuition.

Important information to be aware of:

  • If a paper copy of the bill is needed, students and Authorized Users have an option to print the bill statement after viewing it.
  • Only the student can set up an Authorized User. Make sure that this important step has been completed. Authorized Users can view and/or make payments on the eBilling statements.
  • Payments can be made electronically using electronic checks from a savings or checking account or credit card.
  • Payment methods can be stored for future payments. After logging in to make a payment, you will have the option of using any stored payment method that you have set up.
  • All students are automatically registered to receive an eBill.