Required Fees 2020-2021

All three fees described below are applied to every student for each semester they are registered. This includes those students studying abroad and those who are student teaching or interning off campus. The fees are also applied to those students living off campus.

Student Life Fee: $244.00/semester

The purpose of the Student Life Fee is to fund and or/subsidize programs and services out of the Division for Student Development that are not funded by the general operation budget.   A large portion of the Student Life fee goes to the Student Senates who allocate their funds to campus clubs and organizations. Another large portion of the fee supports our Campus Recreation program including the fitness center.   In addition this fee covers all orientation expenses, student activities via The Joint Events Council, the student newspaper The Record, cultural events such as Festival of Cultures and Asian New Year, and weekend and evening bussing.  A portion of this fee is allocated each semester to the various Study Abroad programs for activities while abroad.

Contact Student Development with any questions or comments regarding this fee.  320-363-5601. 

Technology Fee: $147.00/semester

The Technology Fee is used to pay for all technology-related resources available to students residing on and off campus and those who are studying abroad. Among other things, the fee helps pay for e-mail accounts, network storage space, software licensing, the Banner system and internet service--as well as technical support and training related to these services. Since the fee covers services provided to all CSB/SJU students, it cannot be waived for individuals.

Contact Information Technology Services with any questions or comments regarding this fee. 320-363-2228.

Health Center Fee: $165.00/semester

This fee supports the CSB Health Services. CSB Health Services has been designed with the specific needs of college-age women in mind, while assisting them in making good self-care decisions as they transition into adulthood. The women of Saint Benedict will find an experienced staff who can address these needs in a comfortable, confidential environment.

Primary care services offered to the women of St. Ben's will include: preventative care such as routine physicals, travel consults, treatment of acute injuries, illnesses, and mental health conditions, vaccinations and screening programs . In addition to a lab, some pharmaceuticals will be stocked to provide additional convenience for patients.

Contact Student Development with any questions or comments regarding this fee CSB 320-363-5601.