Educational Costs for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Per Semester

Tuition and Required Fees


Average Room


Food Contract


Over 18 Credits (Per extra credit)


Less than 12 Credits (Per credit)


Summer Credit Rate (Per credit)


Continued ED Rate (Per credit)


Nursing Continued ED Rate (Per credit)


Commencement Fee (One-time fee)


**The rates above apply to all courses whether taken for credit, audit or no credit.**


Course Fees

Special fees may be assigned to specific courses such as Science Lab, Art fees, Music lessons, etc. These fees are listed in the Class Schedules for each term.


Room Rentals

Room rentals are on a school year basis even though the room may not be continuously occupied. The College expects its students to vacate the residence halls during certain breaks, for example: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Spring Break. Students who remain in campus housing during breaks must make special arrangements with the Residential Life Office.


Housing Costs and Fees 2020-2021 Academic School Year

Residence Halls:  Per Semester   Per Year
Aurora, Corona, Regina, Margretta, Lottie, Brian Halls - Residence Hall Room   $  2,815.00   $ 5,630.00

Lottie Hall Suite 

Brian Super Single

  $  3,159.00

  $  3,292.50

  $ 6,318.00


Apartments and Houses: 
Dominica, Gable, Girgen, Westkaemper, Smith, Sohler, Schumacher, McDonald, Wirth, and Zierden  $  3,306.00  $ 6,612.00
 Lower Level Smith, Sohler and Schumacher (with no Kitchen)  $  2,815.00  $ 5,630.00
Centennial Commons, College Avenue, Luetmer and Campus Houses  $  3,381.00  $ 6,762.00
Change of Room Fee  $         25.00
Breach of Housing Contract fee  $        300.00

Board Contract

All students living in on-campus residence halls without cooking facilities are required to purchase a board contract. In 2020-2021 the annual board contract will be $5,916.00 ($2,958.00 per semester). The board contract is intended to be a minimum charge only; therefore, additional meal purchases may be necessary. The board contract is non-transferable.

Please see Culinary Services for meal plan information.


Refund for Tuition, Room, and Board Cut Off Dates

Please see this site for refund policy


Financial Aid Basis For Educational Costs
For 2020-2021 Academic Year



Student Life Fee


Technology Fee


Health Center Fee


Food Contract


Average Room




Books (Per Year)


Travel (Per Year)


Spending Money
Entertainment, Personals, Etc.