Unofficial Action

Reporting to on campus departments is not a substitute for
officially reporting to the CSB/SJU security departments.  On-campus departments are required to report sexual violence incidents to the Security departments.

On Campus

CSB Counseling and Health Education               5605

SJU Health Center                                         3142

SJU Counseling and Career Services                 3792

CSB Health Education                                     5653

CSB/SJU Student Advocates
Against Sexual Assault                                    2036

CSB Campus Ministry                                      5806

SJU Campus Ministry                                       2790

CSB Residence Life                                         5580

SJU Residence Life                                        2044

Your resident assistant and/or resident director/faculty resident

Human Rights Officer Students                       CSB 5601
                                                                SJU 3171

Human Rights Officer Faculty/Staff                 3340

Note: This person offers private, confidential, personal advocacy at no cost. They are not a substitute for security or police action.

Outside agencies

24-hour crisis support and advocacy services

St. Cloud Hospital                            251-2700

Woman House (Crisis Line)                252-1603

Central MN Sexual Assault Center       251-4357

         (Crisis Line)                      1-800-237-5090

You may decide to come to a personal resolution without using the CSB/SJU systems or legal systems. The decision is yours.

You may choose to meet with a counselor (on- or off-campus), or professionals from one of the sexual assault services. The professionals can assist you in the therapy/ emotional healing process, and/or consult with you regarding action you may want to take.