Sexual Violence Immediate Action

CSB/SJU Sexual Assault Policy:

Seek Safety

   Go to a safe place

   Take care of yourself first, however:

Do not disturb the evidence until a report is filed:

   Do not shower                                       Do not comb hair

   Do leave the scene untouched                    Do not douche

   Do not change or wash clothes

It is not your fault! Assault can be committed by a stranger, lover, acquaintance, friend or family member.

Call for Help

CSB and SJU: reporting on campus for safety/assistance (from on-campus phones only):

   CSB Security:        5000

   SJU Life Safety:    2144

Outside agencies: For reporting to and requesting safety

   Police:          9-911

If you contact CSB Security or SJU Life Safety first:

If there is a crime scene to protect, they will contact the police.
If your residence is on campus, the security officers will contact the on-call residence staff to assist you.

You will be encouraged to report this incident to the police. Security will assist in this procedure.

Go to the Hospital for Medical Care

To coordinate transportation
(from on-campus phones only):

   CSB Security:        5000

   SJU Life Safety:    2144